Launching this week, ClaroRead Pro is the latest edition to the ClaroRead range. ClaroRead Pro includes powerful new technology that will scan and convert any publication into an editable PDF that can be read out loud with colour highlighting. ClaroRead Pro ensures that any scanned document will be perfectly reproduced with all pictures, diagrams, columns and text intact.

ClaroRead Pro allows users to read a book on-screen exactly as it would appear if the text were in their hands. ClaroRead Pro scans and converts any publication into an on-screen PDF that can be edited and read out loud in a human sounding voice within Adobe Reader. New PDF unlocking features and OCR proofing capabilities have further boosted ClaroRead’s power. ClaroRead Pro is the simplest and most affordable way to get any newspaper, magazine, novel or leaflet online in its original format – for everyone to read and listen.

Watch the ClaroRead Pro Overview Video

Another new feature in ClaroRead Pro is the ‘Save to iTunes’ function. If iTunes is installed on the PC, users can save selected text as audio files in iTunes. These files can be named and indexed easily. The created audio files can be uploaded to an iPod or iPhone for listening to on the go.

To find out more go to the ClaroRead Pro Web Page

If you are an assessor and would like to receive a free evaluation copy of ClaroRead Pro for PC please contact us with your details.