Drumroll please…… today is a big day for us. We are very happy to announce that we are launching an update for ClaroRead. All this fuss for an update? Yes, read on and you’ll see why.

ClaroRead is faster and smoother with more ways for you to tweak it to suit your needs. The new ClaroRead will be available both for our DSA users and workplace. To simplify things, we have dropped the product names ClaroRead Plus and ClaroRead Pro, and now just call it ClaroRead. Short and sweet. 

What’s new?


Listening to our users, we have expanded the text to speech capability to include reading of PowerPoint and PDF files, in addition to Word and Mail. We have also added in the ability to read out maths created in EquatIO, the brilliant numeracy software from Texthelp.

EquatIO software


The reading toolbar, which is a central part of ClaroRead, has had a facelift and now comes in three new designs – classic, modern and professional. If you prefer to use your computer in dark mode, the toolbar follows suit. 

Classic theme
Professional theme
Modern theme


We know many of our users loved the “homophone display” feature. This allows you to scan your text for potential errors rather than step through the contents. You asked, we listened.

Homophone features


For those who read a lot of text with references, we have added the ability to bounce over any references in brackets such as this (Claro Software, 2022). This will make the listening experience a lot smoother and help you to focus on the content you need. 

Bore da (see what we did there?)

We’re adding to our already long list of languages supported by ClaroRead. The toolbar now works in Welsh, supporting even more users. 

Welsh toolbar

See? Now you know why we’re excited to be rolling this out. It goes to show how important it is to let us know what you think of our products. We love getting feedback from our users, so watch this space for more updates on ClaroRead – there’s more to come!

We would love to hear your opinion about ClaroRead! Please complete this short survey to share your experience, feedback or recommendations! Thank you!

How to get it?

Update your ClaroRead software now.

Download 15-day trial version of ClaroRead.

Buy ClaroRead.

More Information

ClaroRead product page – Windows | Mac
ClaroRead release notes – Windows | Mac


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Alasdair King

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