Claro Software is pleased to announce the upcoming release of ClaroRead for PC V5.5.

Building on the success of previous versions, V5.5 aims to offer more extended features and updates to the comprehensive reading and writing software solution. Key new features of ClaroRead V5.5 are the new Check Anywhere and Dictionary Tooltip features. Check Anywhere allows you to spell check any word from any PC application. The Dictionary Tooltip feature allows you to get a definition for any word anywhere.

Also included as a ClaroRead Extra is ClaroCapture V2, the latest version of our research tool. ClaroCapture V2 helps users collect text, images, screenshots, files, recordings and references in a project file. ClaroCapture is ideal for use when planning essays, reports brochures, assignments, presentations, and other detailed written work.

All versions of ClaroRead now include eight high quality text to speech voices that read anything from your PC clearly and accurately. RealSpeak voices include English, Scottish, Irish, Indian and Australian accents.