See what’s new in ClaroRead V5

ClaroRead V5 is a highly effective software solution for supporting individuals when reading and writing. Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, users of any age and ability will be able benefit from the many features of ClaroRead.

ClaroRead has been developed to help PC users of all capabilities create, read, view, check and scan text. Incorporating the world-leading RealSpeak™ Solo text-to-speech voices, users can also have text spoken back and highlighted from virtually anything on your PC screen. Once the document has been created, ClaroRead can be used to edit and proofread the document. ClaroRead offers an advanced Word Check features including Spell Checker and Homophone Checker as well as a Font, Spacing and Size editing tools for quick and easy document formatting.

Read on to find out more about the exciting new features in ClaroRead V5.

Visual Highlighting

ClaroRead V5 introduces a new Focus Sentence feature that dims out sentences in Word not being spoken by ClaroRead. This is helpful for focusing on the text and assists tracking your position in the document.

The Video below demonstrates how the Focus Sentence feature works:

The Word Trail feature progressively colours the words as they are being spoken. This allows effective word by word highlighting, with minimal visual disruption. It is easy to edit the colour that highlights the text.

The Video below demonstrates how the Word Trail feature works:

The new ClaroCapture program included with all versions of ClaroRead V5 lets you collect text from any document or webpage and groups it as a project. The research file can be sent to Word or PowerPoint. It can also extract highlighted text from Microsoft Word documents, making ClaroCapture a great study skills tool.

Scanning paper and converting PDF files

ClaroRead Plus V5 now features the updated Omnipage 16 engine, giving you faster and more powerful scanning, including a rich new Preview function. The Preview function lets you pick scan order, orientation and other settings. The highest quality optical character recognition is now included in ClaroRead Plus and Premium, making it ideal for scanning or converting books, articles and other content to become accessible, readable and editable.

Word checking

The Word Check feature has been improved giving you extra definitions, context for the current spelling and a Google search link within the improved Word Check window. You can also build up your own personal correct list and add your corrections directly to Word’s Autocorrect in bulk from the ClaroRead Advanced Settings Editor.

Watch the video below to find out more about the Word Check feature:

Two new voices have been introduced for ClaroRead Plus V5. These are a Scottish female Heather and English male William. Links to the samples of the new voices are below

Heather sample

William sample

Readable font

ClaroRead V5 uses the Tiresias PC font for use in all your Windows applications. The Tiresias family of fonts have been designed for optimum accessibility and usability. Tiresias was developed by Dr John Gill currently at RNIB Scientific Research Unit.

To find out more check out the Claro Software Website