ClaroRead Toolbar

An update to ClaroRead for Windows with some improvements and changes:

  • Our Dictate button on the toolbar now works with Dragon Group as well as Dragon Professional. Being able to access the amazing power of Dragon speech recognition from the ClaroRead toolbar makes it easy to dictate straight into Word, or a web page, or anywhere you need. Now you can access the same easy way to control Dragon if you have Dragon Group – great for workplace and corporate environments.
  • We’ve dropped the iTunes integration we built for iTunes years ago: our users tell us they prefer using either Claro Software Apps on their iPhones and Android phones or managing their MP3 files using other applications on Windows, and iTunes is no longer designed as your Windows media manager, so this feature doesn’t make sense in 2020. We like to keep things simple and tidy!
  • Lots of fixes and tweaks for performance, including reading in Google Chrome and international versions. It’s running smoother and faster than ever, which is so important for our users who rely on ClaroRead to work, study and achieve all they can.

ClaroRead Windows 9.2 is available to end-users free of charge and for corporate and educational customers through ClaroRead Cloud. Download now!

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Juan FerrerLead Developer
Alasdair Kind Product Manager

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