The fifth major update for ClaroSpeak has been released and it greatly enhances the word prediction system.  Our users find word prediction useful because it helps them to choose the correct words and saves them time. The new changes in ClaroSpeak 5 build on this and expand the word prediction capabilities by offering many additions and enhancements.

First and foremost, we’ve substantially increased the size of the word lists that we use in our word prediction system.  This will help with making sure that the word you’re looking for will be suggested.

We’ve also added subject-specific dictionaries that you can use to get more relevant and explicit suggestions for topics such as Science, Maths, Film Studies etc:

Subject-specific dictionaries

To help our users ensure they’re getting helpful word suggestions, we’ve improved the phonetic portion of our word prediction system and we’ve also added homophone and word corrections to the suggestions that you’ll see.  Type a homophone such as “no” and you’ll see “know” suggested:

word prediction
Homophone Prediction

Type “sko” meaning to type “school” and our word prediction will detect that and suggest “school”:

word prediction
Word Prediction

Another great improvement to our word prediction system is that the prediction lists are now shared between ClaroSpeak and Claro Keyboard, which is our iOS keyboard app that comes bundled with ClaroSpeak.  Now any new words that the prediction system learns in ClaroSpeak will be available in Claro Keyboard and vice-versa.  This is also true for user-created prediction lists.

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