Version 6 of ClaroSpeak iOS overhauls some main features and adds some new ones!

What’s new?


Perhaps the most significant improvement is the upgraded spellcheck system, which now works more like the iOS system spellcheck and checks your text as you’re typing, so you can get immediate visual feedback:

ClaroSpeak 6 Spellcheck

As well as adding dynamic checking, we’re also now using custom spellcheck data, which will offer more reliable corrections and suggestions than the standard iOS spellchecker.

Grammar Checker

A brand new feature in version 6 is the grammar checker!  You can use this feature to correct any grammatical errors in your writing.  It will suggest corrections for some of the most common grammatical errors such as helping use the correct “there”, “their” or “they’re”:

Grammar check is currently available in English and Norwegian and more supported languages will be added in the future.


Just like in our Claro Keyboard iOS app, ClaroSpeak iOS now has the option to show pictures in prediction, to help you identify and choose the correct word.


ClaroSpeak can now scan from files!  You can choose to scan from image files, Word documents and PDF files and ClaroSpeak will OCR the files and insert the text in to the app.  This can help speed up your workflow and is great if you work with inaccessibile text documents.  An internet connection is required to use the scan from file feature.

Settings UI

We’ve tweaked the ClaroSpeak settings menu so it is simplified and more streamlined; you can now see all of your voices in one list, for example.  This also mirrors the Claro Keyboard iOS app and maintains consistency and usability for our users!

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