We’re excited to announce our next major update for ClaroSpeak iOS! This update contains a lot of significant new features, improvements and enhancements to better the experience for our users.

What’s new?

Focus Mode

ClaroSpeak has the ability to change text and page background colours to aid readability.  Sometimes, this might not be enough.  If there is a lot of text on screen, formatting issues might lead to distractions.  So we’ve added a new focus mode to help with this.  When this feature is enabled, the app will dim out all other text, except for the current sentence that is being read.

Improved speech features

Being able to save the text as an audio file is a key feature for many of our users and we’re pleased to announce that you can now use this feature with the built-in Apple iOS voices in ClaroSpeak!

Similar to recent improvements made in our ClaroPDF iOS app, we’ve added a pause feature to ClaroSpeak, so you can now pause and resume speech in the app!

Recent updates of ClaroSpeak have added the feature to echo letter names and sounds as you type, which can help with ease of readability and understanding.  We’ve now also added echo letter names to our Claro Keyboard app, which is included as part of ClaroSpeak.

Prediction & spell check improvements

We’ve added some improvements to the prediction in ClaroSpeak.  You now have the option to use the base dictionary plus an additional dictionary.  This is great if you have a specialised subject, such as science, but you would still like more standard suggestions to appear as well.

You can also now choose how many suggestions should be shown.

We’ve also made some minor improvements to the spell check engine, by expanding our data source, which means you should now get more accurate suggestions and corrections!

Improved UI

In this ClaroSpeak update, we’ve spent some time going through and improving the main UI of the app.  We’ve added larger and more standardised icons to the main toolbar.  We’ve also added icons to many of the menu items in ClaroSpeak, to help navigate to the correction option.

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