ClaroView 2 overlaid the whole screen with a colour, so every pixel became a little bit blue, or grey, or whatever you selected. This helps people who don’t like the start black-on-white you often get in PDFs and Word and web pages:

Before and after running ClaroView

The new ClaroView 3 offers a new additional overlay that cleverly leaves black pixels black, so it works much more like putting a plastic sheet over the screen – white gets changed but black does not. We’ve called it “True Black” because your black stays black, only your other colours get changed. Here’s what this looks like – to me it looks sharper, but you still get the reduction in white glare.

ClaroView 2 versus ClaroView 3 “True Black” mode

We hope this works for more people – or maybe just for different people, since we all have different visual perception. Of course, since it is not a plastic overlay, you can switch it on or off any time, or choose whatever colour suits you!

We’ve also made ClaroView work better with other windows trying to be topmost. In other words ClaroRead no longer hops on top of ClaroView when you open it, and Windows announcements work better.

There is one caveat: this new technology won’t work on Windows 7, so you won’t see it as an option if you are on that older Windows.

How to get it?

ClaroView is included with ClaroRead and ScreenRuler.

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