Our world’s have all changed dramatically from a few short weeks ago.

Out of the blue mother nature has reminded us who is in charge; she is charge and not us. We might have thought it was us who had conquered the natural world, driving to and from our offices back to our homes in our hermetically sealed lives, free from restrictions and fear for the future of our families, our friends and our loved ones. But she had another plan!

Our worlds have now shrunken into our own homes and our freedoms have gone. Nature has sent us up to our bedrooms to think about what we’ve done.

Whilst we are reflecting it might be worth thinking about what would have happened if this global pandemic had happened twenty five years ago. Just think how much smaller our worlds would be without the internet, without the ability to FaceTime our loved ones, to call up work colleagues on a Zoom call or set up a WhatsApp group.

For some who have visual impairment, dyslexia or other neurological condition this smaller world is just the reality of day to day life. It is what they have got used to as a way of living with their conditions. Their worlds are permanently shrunken.

One of the effects of Covid 19 is a global realisation that we are all more connected to each other. It took years for the plague to spread around the world and months for Spanish flu. Within a matter of weeks CV19 had virtually every country in the world within its grip. In the UK we learned from medics in Italian Hospitals what was coming our way. It’s important that we maintain these global connections as we work on pandemic planning and work together with the best international scientists to find a vaccine.

We are an international organisation. Our company is British and owned by a Norwegian with a Spanish name – its called Claro which means clear. We believe everyone deserves the ability to communicate clearly, whatever their background, nationality, religion, abilities or disabilities.

So as a symbol of the unity we need to show across the world connecting humanity across the world and overcoming the fear generated when nations are set against each other we are offering free licences for our international text to speak tool to anyone who will be able to benefit from it. Just as our public sector key workers in the NHS, Councils and Carers are going above and beyond we feel its important that Claro helps out too.

Text to speak is such a simple and easy to use tool for those who struggle to read print online. It’s also available in 30 different languages! Wow imagine being fluent in….languages! These are some of them:

– Indian

– Chinese

– French

– Italian

For the full list then click on the link below:

ClaroRead Windows Voices

If you know anyone or any organisation in the UK or elsewhere who could benefit from this amazing software please contact me at:

Ged Bretherton


07483 070996