Spelling is the art of connecting several letters to form a word. The recognition that letters and sounds are connected is one of the important skills for children to develop in their early school years, and is a skill that we constantly develop as we grow and learn.

It is not an easy task for young people to remember, especially with the English language, and with such a big amount of information. In most other languages, every letter has its unique sound and symbol. However, in the English language, one letter can make more than one sound. For example, letter -A- will sound differently in words such as cake and bat. -A- will get the letter -R- sound in the word bark and will sound like a letter -I- in village and baggage.

To help improve spelling and demonstrate the different sounds in words and show which letter makes that sound Claro Software has created Claro PhonemeReader. This FREE application will be useful for anyone who is an emergent reader, wants a speaking dictionary or is using English as a second language.

Claro PhonemeReader – How does it work?

The Claro PhonemeReader application is very easy to understand and use. All you need is to enter the word you would like to hear and press PLAY. The website will read and demonstrate the sounds first, and after will say the full word. You can also change the voice and speed of reading the phonemes and the word.

You can install this website on any Windows, iOS and Android devices, and use it in offline mode. Read “How to install” to get more information.

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