The process of taking pictures of absolutely everything has become a very important and popular activity. People are taking pictures to eternalize special moments – and things like last night’s dinner and another picture of their cat – and events they’ve been to. These are then shared on popular social media platforms. However, what is more important, is that the opportunity to take pictures of different types of information is useful in the study and work environment.

With mobile technology being so available and accessible, many students prefer to take pictures instead of writing notes, either in lectures and seminars or from books and other sources. Although there are many online book services such as Google Books, which provide an additional source of information, these are usually only inaccessible copies (scanned versions) which are not easy to copy. Likewise, libraries may only hold limited copies of books and may only have short reservation periods, so taking photos of important sections is becoming more popular.

The issue with images is that they are inaccessible: they are images of text, not actual text that a computer, tablet or phone can recognise automatically. However, we have a solution to this within ClaroRead: introducing Auto Converter.

Auto Converter – How does it work?

Any document you drop into a special folder will be converted into accessible Word, PDF and/or Plain Text formats. It uses the world-class OmniPage scanning engine in ClaroRead Pro Windows, so you get great results. You can drop in PDFs or image files (JPEG, PNG) and get out accessible files. Simple, straightforward, and a great way to provide scanning abilities to less-technical or busy colleagues or students.

  • Open Auto Converter
  • Select the folder to monitor (main folder to convert files) and output types (Word, PDF, Plain Text)
  • By pressing OK, you will activate Auto Converter
  • Move any image or inaccessible file to the selected folder and get accessible files

Tips to know!

With first ClaroRead Pro installation you will need to run any ClaroRead scan option (scan from paper, scan from PDF/File or scan from screen) once to activate the Auto Converter feature. You do not have to repeat this process.

Software Developer Nathan, Auto Converter

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