The COVID-19 coronavirus is now pandemic.

We have appropriate measures in place to enable Claro Software to continue to trade (process orders, answer enquiries, pay bills) and to provide support (email and phone) so I expect these to be generally unaffected. Our delivery of new versions may slip, though, and I expect processes will be affected. Please forgive any temporary inefficiencies you may encounter, let us know how we can help, and if you need to tell us anything feel free to email me directly.

If you need software we have a number of free options if you are suddenly having to work or educate at home:

  • We have made our Cloud Web Apps free for the duration. These give you text-to-speech, PDF reading and OCR free on any device – Windows, Mac, iPad.
  • The free version of ClaroRead Chrome in the Chrome Web Store and lets you read web pages and PDFs on your Chromebooks.
  • We have free Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. Again, you get text-to-speech, PDF reading and some OCR on your tablets and phones. Here are the links direct to the App Stores for you:

Finally, remember to use reliable sources of information: NHS Coronavirus information and UK Government Coronavirus information.

Alasdair King, Chief Executive.

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