Use Extras Editor to make ClaroRead the launchpad for all your assistive technology! 

One of the things we hear a lot is that users like having one place to go for their assistive technology: it’s simpler and they can get on with what they want to get done. 

Another thing we know is our users are all very different individuals: not just their disability, but their preferences and needs and contexts (work, study, school, university…) 

So we’ve built Extras Editor, a tool that lets users customise what programs they can launch from ClaroRead. Now users can put exactly what apps and sites they want into ClaroRead: all their useful tools and assistive technology can live in one place! 

Here’s ClaroRead with the default Extras, programs and websites you can launch straight from the ClaroRead toolbar:  

ClaroRead Toolbar

There’s quite a few! Do I use all of these? Probably not. Are there other assistive technology tools I use? Sure!

Let’s fix it. Start up Extras Editor and you can edit anything in the Extras drop-down: I’m going to customise it to suit me and my needs.

Extras Editor Main Screen
  1. “Current” shows what ClaroRead puts in that Extras dropdown. But now you can edit it! Just remove Extras you don’t use to simplify ClaroRead – of course, you can add them back any time.
  2. But you can also add in third-party applications. Say you don’t like our brilliant mindmapping tool, ClaroIdeas. That’s no problem, remove ClaroIdeas and click the “Add from computer” button. You’ll have to go find the program itself on your computer – but don’t worry, Extras Editor will do the rest, like getting an icon so you can recognise it in the list. I’m going to add Freemind, but I could add MindView or Inspiration or any other program I have installed.
  3. But you don’t have to just add local apps. What about adding useful websites or web apps, like your university online learning platform, or your work SharePoint server? Extras Editor does that too! I’m going to add the Phoneme Reader web app, which helps me learn my phonetics for reading. Again, Extras Editor gets the icon and name for you, keeps it simple.

Now check out my simplified, more useful Extras drop-down in ClaroRead! I can start ClaroRead and know at my assistive technology programs and websites are just a click away:

Extras Editor added

That’s much better! I have the programs and websites I want, all my assistive technology in one place when I want it.

Want to use Extras Editor yourself? You’ll need to have ClaroRead 9 or later and download Extras Editor for free.

Want to find out more about our future plans, or tell us what you think about Extras Editor? Join our Insider program!

I’m really excited about Extras Editor and our plans for 2021 with more user customisation: I hope you find this useful!

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