SOFTWARE firms Claro Software and Dixerit have teamed up to offer millions of children and adults the chance to read.

According to figures from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Right to Read campaign, up to three million could be denied the right because of a sight problem, dyslexia, or another reading disability.

Dixerit Plus, developed in a successful co-operation between Dixerit and Claro Software, is the latest product in web accessibility technology offering speech-enabling of websites and unique magnification software to website visitors.

The magnification utility provides screen magnification up to 32 times, with six different styles of magnification, font smoothing and the option to invert the colours of the entire screen display. There is also a colour contrast utility available within the solution.

The software is an operating system level utility, providing magnification of all applications and functions. When using Internet Explorer the software can be downloaded and run from within the browser.

Dixerit Plus reads the website without downloads or plug-ins. It also gives users more control over the reading by enabling them to point at text and click to read it. This feature has been requested by groups representing people with dyslexia.

For the web-manager it is easy to install and requires very little configuration. We customise the navigation so that it blends into the site.

Website owners simply subscribe to the service, add a link and the service is live.

About Dixerit UK Ltd (formerly ReadSpeaker UK Ltd)

Dixerit is a company founded by a group of people who pioneered, in their respective markets, the conversion of web-based content to audio using text-to-speech technology. With new technological and web marketing partners, Dixerit aims to position itself as a global supplier of speech enabling services. Dixerit believes that all people should be able to access text content in audio format through all existing and future channels.

The company will provide easy-to-use, easy-to-buy and easy-to-install tools for converting text-content, delivered in electronic format, to audio, using text-to-speech in a wholly automated process.

Its technology will benefit all people who prefer to have content read to them, whether it is because it is fun, convenient, because they have a disability or are illiterate, or any other reason.About Claro Software Ltd. Claro Software Ltd. ( is a company which develops and licenses “assistive software” to help with reading, writing and language learning. It specialises in using leading edge speech and imaging technology to make the computer easier to use. Claro’s products are widely used for reading and writing support, proofreading, language learning, magnification and for general access to your computer. They are used by major public and private sector companies and organisations, education establishments and government departments.For more information and prices please contact:


Carin Lennartsson at Dixerit UK

or by telephone on 01483-596580 or 07971-160702