The Oska Suite is a software solution range designed to assist people who have difficulty using traditional computer input methods. Oska offers a range of software to enhance the use of touch technology and alternative PC input methods.

Read on to find out more about the exciting features of the Oska Suite.

The Oska Keyboard

The Oska Keyboard is an on-screen virtual keyboard that allows the use of multiple input devices including mouse, joystick, switch/scanning and head pointer control methods to use the keyboard. Oska offers total keyboard control of all your applications including word processors, email, web pages or any other text based application that you use. The Oska Keyboard allows the user to do everything you would do with a standard keyboard, offering more opportunities to work, learn, play and interact with others on their PC.

The Oska Keyboard Editor

The Oska Editor has been designed with ease of use in mind, allowing keyboards to be effortlessly adapted to specific requirements. All the keyboards in Oska are fully customisable, allowing the keyboard to be edited to suit the requirements of each user and task. Keyboards created with Oska work with touch screen devices, touchpad’s, mice, keyboard, joysticks and switch devices.

Oska Settings Editor

After a keyboard is created, the input methods can be defined and customised in the Oska Settings Editor. In addition, certain keys can be further defined by the user, giving further capability.

One Switch Mouse

One Switch Mouse enables a user to control the mouse pointer using a single switch. Coupling One Switch Mouse with Oska On-Screen Keyboard offers the user the ability to control the mouse and write.

Joystick Mouse

Joystick Mouse enables any joystick or gamepad controller to be operated like a standard computer mouse. Using a joystick or gamepad rather than a computer mouse can be more comfortable for the user, allowing for a greater degree of accuracy.

TenKey Mouse

TenKey Mouse lets you use the numeric keypad at the right of a computer keyboard to operate the mouse. TenKey Mouse can be a useful mouse alternative for people with limited mobility or Work Related Upper Limb Disorder.

3D Mouse

3D Mouse supports new 3D mouse hardware from 3D Connexion and enables the hardware to be used to control the mouse.

Head Pointer and Mouse Stick Keyboard

The Head Pointer and Mouth Stick Keyboard is an on-screen keyboard designed to aid operation when using Oska with a head pointing or mouth stick mechanism. Head Pointer and Mouth Stick Keyboard has been designed to assist head pointer and mouth stick users to access their PC with a greater degree of control and efficiency.

Scroll Wheel Scanning

Scroll Wheel Scanning utilises the scroll wheel found on most standard computer mice to control a switch/scanning system.

The Oska Suite will be ready to ship in October 2009. If you are an IT Professional with works with disability support and would like an evaluation copy of the Oska Suite please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist.