Website is a vital tool to share, advertise and spread information. However, it is very hard to make a site which will be accessible to use for all visitors. Often it is forgotten about people with reading and writing problems, such as dyslexia, who cannot fully be entertained by the information from the website without additional apps.

In order, to make the web pages more accessible and friendlier to everyone Claro Software made a toolbar – Claro Website Reader.



Claro Website Reader brings up a reading toolbar on any page in your users’ web browser. The toolbar reads out any text on the page using good-quality synthesised speech in a range of accents and languages and highlights the text as it goes so the user can see where they are. If the user has a mouse, they can also just highlight any passage to hear it read aloud.

This toolbar will help visitors not only to experience a new website‘s feature but also will help the people who struggle with reading and writing. Users by highlighting text will be able to hear it aloud as many times as they want.

SO! Install this simple but useful tool today and make your website more accessible and friendlier for those who have reading and writing difficulties!

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