More Features for ClaroRead for Mac ‘08 – V3 Is Now Shipping. ClaroRead for Mac ’08 is easy-to-use and provides the perfect integrated tool for use with Microsoft Word 2008. Since ClaroRead for Mac ‘08 is closely integrated with Microsoft Word 2004 and 2008, Safari and other Mac applications, almost any accessible text can be spoken aloud.UPDATED VERSION NOW SHIPPING! ClaroRead for Mac ’08 has just moved to version 3, and now has more editable Speech, highlight, pronunciation & homophone settings. The new settings features include;

  • Echo characters, words, sentences whilst typing (all applications)
  • Stop speaking after sentence in MS Word and pause speaking between words
  • Pronunciation editor for changing how the voice pronounces words
  • Highlight word by word, sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph (with text and background colour choice).**
  • Homophone and Tricky Word Spelling Editor – add new homophones, tricky words and additional spelling suggestions.
  • Updated ClaroRead for Mac Toolbar

Click here to see the new Settings Screenshots

ClaroRead for Mac 2008 also includes 3 high quality Acapela British English voices, Graham, Peter and Lucy. ClaroRead for Mac ’08 has been fully tested with the new Apple OSX Leopard 10.5, and Microsoft Office Mac 2008, as well as working on prior versions of OSX and Microsoft Word 2004.

If you are a ClaroRead Mac V1 or V2 user, and upgrade to Microsoft Office Mac 2008, you should contact us for a free update.

Listen to audio samples of ClaroRead for Mac’s high quality voices;

British Graham voice

British Lucy

British Peter

ClaroRead PLUS for Mac ’08 is available for £185, and ClaroRead Standard for Mac for £145, both with the 3 high quality voices .

For Parallels or Bootcamp users running Windows, we have a special go to the ClaroRead Pro Web Page of ClaroRead PLUS for Mac ’08 and ClaroRead Standard for PC, priced at £239. We also have Site Licence prices available upon request.So in summary, ClaroRead PLUS for Mac ’08 now includes;

  • ClaroRead Standard for Mac with new Integrated Speech and Word Toolbar, including homophone checking
  • 3 High Quality Acapela Voices for use within ClaroRead for Mac (including save text to audio)
  • Extended Settings Editor for speech, highlight, pronunciation & homophone settings
  • ClaroView Screen Colour filter for Mac (see below)
  • A full copy of OmniPage Pro X ocr software (standalone retail price at £75 -see below)
  • Optional add-on Acapela voices for all main European languages (£29 each), made as a custom CD.

Existing users of ClaroRead for Mac V1.0 (which uses the Mac system voices only) can upgrade to the ’08 Version and receive the high quality voices by contacting Claro or your supplier directly. The Upgrade Price (delivered on CD) is £29. There are free upgrades available for Assessment Centre Macs – just contact us to get your copy. All prices exclude VAT.FUTURE UPDATES! This is the first of a number of exciting new Claro products and updates, releasing during this summer. If you want to know more about what’s planned, please contact us. We can visit you for onsite training and presentations.