Neither Reading Nor Writing

We have lots of programs for lots of users with disabilities, though nowadays we concentrate on print impairments like dyslexia with our ClaroRead range and Apps.

Below is a run-down of our software for other needs.

Any questions about usage, do contact us at If you are interested in licensing or developing any of these, let us know at

Blindness / Vision Impairment / Visual Impairment

  • MagX is a free magnifier for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • ClaroRead SE is popular with some people who can see enough to operate the mouse but need some speech, because it comes with great voices and you can use it to point-and-hear Windows icons, buttons and links, and read PDF and Word files.
  • Scan2Text (or ClaroRead Plus) let you convert inaccessible PDF files that don’t work with your screenreader or don’t zoom into Word documents or accessible PDF. You can also scan in paper documents to hear them read back.
  • ClaroView can help with tinting the screen different colours, which is more readable for some people who have problems with some colour schemes or lots of white.
  • Background Colour Changer (Labs) lets you change the background colour in text areas and elsewhere in Windows.

We also sponsor the WebbIE programs created by Alasdair King for screenreader users using podcasts, RSS news feeds, PDF reading and other tools. (

Aphasia / Communication / Strokes / AAC

  • ClaroCom, or communication/AAC App, is available for iPhone and iPad and is popular and powerful. Text-based, for people with communication rather than cognitive problems.
  • SymPrint lets you create handouts and visual grids for communication boards and other communication tools involving pointing at things.
  • The Oska on-screen keyboard system lets you create speaking grids, control panels and keyboards on Windows (including Windows tablets)

Physical Input Difficulties / Motor Neurone Disease

  • The extensive Oska system includes an on-screen grid/keyboard creator with switch access and control. It’s very powerful and customisable.
  • One Switch Mouse lets you control the mouse pointer with only one control – switch, button, whatever. Simple and fast (as a single-switch input can be).

Colour Blindness / Colour Vision Deficiency

  • Claro Rainbow remaps all the colours on your Windows screen to the range you can see. Includes colour-blindness tests.

Deaf / deaf / Hearing Loss / Hearing Impairment

We do not do anything for people with any kind of auditory issue.