Modern apps are integral to most people’s day-to-day activities. Apps can provide support and benefits for a wide range of daily activities such as work, study, entertainment, social media, etc. ClaroSpeak is one of the most multifunctional apps that provides support for those people who have to read and write every day. Now with new handy features!

ClaroSpeak is a reading and writing app for proofreading text through listening and helping with reading and literacy development. The app will highlight the spoken words with your selected colour. Also, it will help you to improve your writing with word prediction, auto correct and language learning options.

We are happy to announce a new update for this useful and high-quality app which you can download from the Apple iOS Store! It is also included with ClaroRead Plus and ClaroRead Pro!

What’s new?


An advanced spelling and checking feature that can help you to improve and demonstrate your writing:

  • We have added spellcheck to our great ClaroSpeak reading and writing App for iPhone and iPad to help writers get their writing just as they want it.
    • Blue highlighting – homophone.
    • Green highlighting – correct word.
    • Pink highlighting – spelling mistake.
  • When a word is selected, you can tap on word description and hear it spoken out loud. If you press the “Change” button above an image – it will replace the highlighted word with suggested.
  • When you type the new word in the document, the app will provide suggestions with images! Click on the word or image to hear it aloud.

Also, with the new update, you can open the file directly in ClaroSpeak and edit it. All changes will be automatically synchronized and saved to the original file. Do not waste your time by opening and saving files manually!

The app will work without internet and will display images, suggest the words and their descriptions.

Tips to know?!

When you launch an app first time, it will download all images and words descriptions automatically (you will need internet access).

You need to allow full access to ClaroSpeak keyboard on your device to see predicted text with images. Watch the video below to find out how to do that.


How to get ClaroSpeak iOS?

Get ClaroSpeak now from Apple App Store!

More Information

ClaroSpeak iOS page

Release Notes

Assistive Software Developer Aaron

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