Apple has recently introduced the newest version of its operating system – iOS 13. This newest update brought many changes such as new photo editing tools, dark mode, profile features in Messages, etc. We have updated our application to take advantage of these newest iOS features.

New Features

Using the camera for scanning documents in our Claro ScanPen app is one of the main ways that users can get their text into the app, so we have implemented some changes to improve the user experience:


The first big feature update you will find in Claro ScanPen is the improved document scanning from the camera. ScanPen can now automatically detect document shapes, take a photo, crop and deskew the photo; all in one. With this new feature, you can ensure that you get the most accurate photo for text recognition.

New Scanning Feature

Dark Mode

iOS 13 also introduced Dark mode, which tints your entire device and compatible apps with a dark-contrasting colour scheme, which can help aid readability. Our new version of ScanPen fully supports Dark mode.

New Dark Mode

Light and New Dark Mode

How to get it?

Download Free version of Claro ScanPen from Apple App Store now!


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Release Notes

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