We have always tried to make the mainstream, standard applications that everyone uses accessible to our users. Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader, for example, support all our reading and highlighting options.

For many years we supported Internet Explorer: you could click in a web page, click Play in ClaroRead, and it would read out the web page with highlighting. Some users found this a great way to read and absorb web pages, like Wikipedia or your school or college online learning platform.

Internet Explorer is gone, though, and Google Chrome has taken its place as the leading Windows web browser. And so we have written a great extension for Google Chrome, ClaroRead Chrome, that reads web pages back, reads Google Docs and PDF files, has word prediction and spellcheck – everything you expect from ClaroRead. (If you haven’t seen it, try out the free version now!)

It is not great having two reading toolbars though, one for Word and Adobe Reader and the rest of your Windows programs, and a separate one in Google Chrome. We all switch between our web browsers and other applications all the time. Having two Play buttons is confusing!

One Toolbar for Everything!

With ClaroRead Windows 8 we now integrate ClaroRead Chrome seamlessly into the ClaroRead reading experience. ClaroRead Windows now gives you all the functions of ClaroRead Chrome: you can read web pages, Google Docs and even Office 365 Word documents on office.com. All your installed Windows voices are used – so it works offline – and there is only the one familiar ClaroRead toolbar to operate. The software reads Chrome easily and simply. Watch the video below for a demonstration!

Why not to try the new ClaroRead Windows 8 today?

Download a free 15-day trial version of our software. For the best experience, download one or more high-quality human-sounding TTS voices as well as ClaroRead.

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