We are pleased to announce a new update for ClaroRead Chrome! Now the Chrome Extension has pictures in spellcheck and prediction and word translations in spellcheck for non-English users.

What’s new?

Pictures in spellcheck and prediction

If you find spelling difficult then it can be a struggle when you are presented with a list of words, only one of which is correct. ClaroRead lets you listen to each word, but you might be writing somewhere where you can’t use speech, like in an open office. Also, it is slow: point the mouse, hear the word, check it again, move to the next word and so on.

ClaroRead Chrome now tries to help by showing pictures for each suggestion in prediction or spellcheck. We have six thousand images, including a unique image for every English homophone, which appear when you are typing and can quickly help you to pick the right word you want.

Prediction Feature

(For communication experts: this is different from communicating with symbols, like PCS or Widgit, where the symbols replace or comprehensively replace letter-form words – it’s about using symbols to help choose the right word, to disambiguate, not using symbols as the primary means of communication as you might when using a symbol communicator)

Word translations

Also appearing in spellcheck are translations for words, including words with multiple meanings like “tear” (or homographs). These appear for non-English users and again can help you pick the right word when writing.

Word Translation

ClaroRead Chrome 20 also offers a wider range of voices to choose from, improved phonetic prediction and spellcheck in other languages.

How to get ClaroRead Chrome?

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Release Notes

Assistive Software Developer Dan

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