Recently featured in La Vanguardia, Catalonia’s leading daily newspaper, the news piece investigates the story of four students with Dyslexia. With the help of the right teaching methods and text-to-speech software, such as ClaroRead, students have been able to succeed in higher education.

Dyslexic Students Succeed

Students with dyslexia to work on equal terms – With appropriate learning methods and clear guidelines these students can succeed quickly.

Students With Dyslexia Succeed With The Support Of Text-To-Speech Software

“We are dyslexic and have the same abilities as everyone else, we just need other tools to develope.” Francesc Llorens, Judith de Nova, Marc and Maria Codina Gerona, all 18 years old, have managed to get to college despite this learning disorder. The road has been hard, but they have reached their goal. They hope that their experience will help other students with dyslexia.

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