ClaroPDF iOS 2.3 Released

We’ve released an update for our ClaroPDF iOS app that introduces some great new features and improvements.

One of the major changes is the revamped document list, which has been tweaked to be easier to view and read.

  • The document thumbnails are larger and easier to identify.
  • The document titles are a different colour.
  • Larger spacing between documents, which helps to aid readability.

You can see the difference between the old list and the new 2.3 list here:

Old list

Old list

New 2.3 list

New 2.3 list

As a further enhancement to the the My Documents list – you can now toggle between list mode, as seen above and grid mode, as shown below:

Grid view

Grid view

Grid view mode shows large document previews, so you can easily navigate and visually identify your documents.

Another great new addition to 2.3 is the direct integration with the popular file sharing platform Microsoft OneDrive.  Because ClaroPDF is now integrated directly with OneDrive, you no longer need to have the OneDrive app installed or configured on your device to access your OneDrive files.

A new menu item will appear under Open from…which now lists OneDrive:

One Drive menu

One Drive menu

Tapping this will prompt you to log in and then you’ll have access to all of your OneDrive files in ClaroPDF, similar to how the app is also integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox.

One Drive list

One Drive list

Likewise, you can also save files back to your OneDrive account using the Save > Save to OneDrive option in ClaroPDF.

For a full list of changes, please see the ClaroPDF release notes.

ClaroRead for Mac V6 Release Notes

What’s New in V6.0?

  • A New Integrated Optical Character Recognition engine – ClaroRead Plus for Mac now includes its own integrated optical character recognition engine which gives you the rapid Scan from Screen function to capture any inaccessible text, as well as quickly converting scanned files to accessible PDF, Word and text files.
  • New Scan from Paper feature – you can now quickly launch the MacOS Image Capture app and immediately get to scanning in physical documents and creating accessible, digital copies of them using “Scan to ClaroRead”*.
  • New Scan from PDF/File feature – using the new Scan from PDF/File feature you can convert PDF or image files to fully accessible formats, so that ClaroRead can then read aloud. You can also scan inaccessible files and create editable output formats, such as DOCX. Supported output formats are PDF, DOCX, TXT and RTF *.
  • New Scan from screen feature – with the new Scan from screen feature you can select an area of the screen to be read with your mouse and ClaroRead will quickly and accurately scan your chosen area and read it aloud. You can now instantly read anything on your screen as well as copy it to the clipboard.
  • Launch ClaroRead with PDF and image files. ClaroRead now supports opening of PDF and image files directly, so you can choose a PDF/image file, right-click and select Open With, choose ClaroRead and it will launch ClaroRead and start the file scanning process.
  • New extra app – ClaroSpeak. ClaroSpeak is a supportive reading and speaking app that read PDF files, Microsoft Word document, text files and more, aloud, with synchronised highlighting. When you open a document in ClaroSpeak, the text of the document gets copied in to the ClaroSpeak window and then you can also edit any text. ClaroSpeaks built-in text prediction and echo features can help you maintain accurate typing.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause text in Microsoft Word documents to be removed when speaking them and quickly moving/switching between different documents.
  • Fixed an issue where some prediction items were being spoken twice.

* indicates features only available in ClaroRead Plus

System Requirements

ClaroRead SE/Standard/Plus for Mac:

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • 850MB of disk space
  • 200MB-650MB for each voice


  • Microsoft Word 2008, 2011, 2016
  • Pages ‘09 (V4)

ClaroRead Pro for Mac:

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • 1.3GB of disk space
  • 200MB-650MB for each voice


  • Microsoft Word 2008, 2011, 2016
  • Pages ‘09 (V4)

New Claro Software website

We are updating our website at you should see the new website appearing at any point in the next day. If you have any problems, try hitting Refresh in your browser. If you need it, you can still find the old website at We’ll retire this at some point, but for now everything is still there.

Thanks for your patience while we switch, and if you do have any problems or need anything from the old site then please do contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Events and Exhibitions March 2014


Claro Software will be attending the Barry Bennett Workshop event in Reading and the BDA International Conference in Guildford, at the end of March.

The annual Barry Bennett Workshop event at Wokefield Park in Reading is being held from the 27th to 28th of March. The workshops bring together key suppliers of assistive technology, hardware and software and those who support SEN students in secondary and higher education.



The BDA International Conference is taking place at the G-Live Conference Centre in Guildford on the 27th to 29th March. This years conference theme is – ‘Creating an Impact through Innovation’, in other words, that innovative research can make a real impact on educational practice. This really gets to the heart of what is special about this conference in particular…’ . Dr Julia Carroll: IC Conference Chair


At both these events Claro will be showing all the latest text-to-speech software including PC, Mac and App versions of our assistive software range. Visit our stand for a live demonstration, or sign up for free copies of our text-to-speech Apps.

Get Claro On Multiple Devices

ClaroRead for PC and Mac are the ideal solution for students struggling with reading and writing. With Claro students can now get text-to-speech software on multiple devices including desktop computer, mobile or iPad. This is easily achieved with our assistive technology iPhone and iPad Apps.

Our Apps are fully integrated with our desktop software, using DropBox integration. Scan documents with ClaroRead Plus and listen to, proof or edit documents on the go with ClaroSpeak and ClaroPDF.

ClaroSpeak is a high-quality text-to-speech reader capable of speaking any accessible text with a range of human-sounding high-quality voices. ClaroSpeak offers the option of visual highlighting in-sync with the spoken words, a great range of colour and font settings to allow for optimum reading, word prediction and completion to help with writing. ClaroSpeak is a quality App for proofreading text through listening, helping with reading and literacy development and creating audio files from any text.

ClaroPDF is an accessible, professional and user-friendly PDF viewer, reader and annotator. View text PDF files and listen to them with a human-quality voice and synchronised highlighting. Create audio annotations and place them anywhere on a PDF. Annotate and mark up text or image PDF files with full compatibility with other popular PDF Apps and programs in Windows and Mac. ClaroPDF is designed as an accessible productivity, reading and study PDF tool for all.

Software Reviews And Quotes

ClaroRead “I think programs like ClaroRead are absolutely invaluable. For me, it is like putting on a pair of reading glasses. When I switch on my computer, I always use ClaroRead. It’s critical.” David Edwards, Birmingham, Dyslexic

ClaroPDF “It is one of the best apps we’ve purchased and we have over 500! It is on my “top ten” list and one that I always install on an iPad when we send them out for loan!“ Wendy Kay Alameda

ClaroSpeak “This app is absolutely brilliant! I’m currently doing a degree & have M.E, so at times I am unable to read when experiencing a relapse. I have the PC version of ClaroSpeak, I thought I’d try the app version, so glad I did. I am able to upload all module notes & open to Claro via Box & Dropbox. This app has really helped me with my studies. I have it on my iPad & iPhone, I just listen, make notes where necessary, even on the go.“ App Store review

ClaroRead V6 Refreshed For Summer 2013

ClaroRead from  Claro Software

ClaroRead V6 Refreshed For Summer 2013

ClaroRead has had a summer refresh! This free update has many small but important improvements to make ClaroRead even better:

  • More support for phonetic misspellings. Thousands more words that are phonetically correct but the wrong English spelling, like ‘rizen’, will be corrected to their ‘proper’ spelling.
  • New subject-specific prediction dictionaries. Art History, Accountancy, Mathematics and Philosophy support learning new vocabulary.
  • Thousands of new symbols and pictures in Homophones and Spellcheck. The images help with spelling and reviewing.
  • A new toolbar icon theme. ClaroRead has an optional Windows 8 icon set to make it comfortable and unobtrusive to use.
  • Perfect text and speech coordination in Save To Video. Reviewing saved text on a phone is now easier and clearer.
  • ScreenRuler works across many monitors. This increasingly-common setup is now supported in ScreenRuler.
  • Improved webpage capturing in ClaroCapture. Webpage addresses in Chrome and Firefox as well as Internet Explorer from 6 to 10 are now captured along with the page for easy reference. Documents, images and audio can be dragged into ClaroCapture to create complete projects with files all in one place.
  • Access electronic dictionary definitions. Double-clicking on words in web pages, Word or PDF documents and email reveals easy explanations.

ClaroRead 6 continues to support Microsoft Office 2013, the latest edition of the productivity suite. ClaroRead V6.2 also has updated support for the latest versions of OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

ClaroRead V6.2 is available as a free update through the built-in ClaroUp update system for existing users and can be purchased through all our usual partners.

If you are an assessor and would like a free evaluation copy of ClaroRead for training, review and demonstration please contact us at

More Information

To find out more about ClaroRead Pro go to the ClaroRead Pro Web Page

To find out more about ClaroRead Plus go to the ClaroRead Pro Web Page

For more information about the rest of Claro Software’s range, or to download free demos, go to, email or call +44 (0)1772 977888.

Education app of the week: ClaroSpeak for iPad

There are plenty of reading and text dictation apps out there, but the best one we’ve found for dyslexia sufferers, SEN and pupils with reading difficulties has to be ClaroSpeak. With a load of customisation and import options, here’s why we’re recommending it to schools…

What is ClaroSpeak?

On the surface, ClaroSpeak (Claro Software Limited, £3.99) is a reader/text dictation app that will read out loud any text you import into it in what Claro call “human-sounding high-quality voices”. Where it gets interesting is the level of customisation – it allows you to import a text file, set up a wide range of font types and sizes, colours and backgrounds, and then have the text read to you, with each sentence highlighted in a choice of colours as it’s read. It also allows you to edit the text and then export it as text or as a spoken audio file.

How could it benefit the classroom?

The place we could see this making the most impact is with pupils with reading difficulties, be it SEN, dyslexia or even ESL – having English language text read aloud does wonders for those learning English as a second language. As you can customise the backgrounds and styles, you can make the text a lot less cluttered and busy, so that it’s easier to read, and the actual speaking voices are really quite accurate. There are male and female British English voices and, intriguingly, French and Spanish as well. The ability to load a piece of French text, and have it read back in a good French accent, while highlighting the spoken text might make this interesting in Modern Foreign Languages too!

What’s the best feature?

One of the most remarkable features of ClaroSpeak is that you can open text directly from Dropbox. This might not sound like a massive thing, but many apps like Evernote require you to export from Dropbox, rather than importing from within the app. That means a lot less hassle when sharing documents with pupils, as you can send out files via Dropbox, then open them up within ClaroSpeak, without having to exit the app and open up the Dropbox app.

What’s also interesting is that Claro have just updated ClaroSpeak to make it read out loud in the background. Now, you can exit the app and get on with other stuff like taking notes, while ClaroSpeak still reads the document back to you from the dock.

Where can I get it?

You can download ClaroSpeak (Claro Software Ltd, £3.99) either from the App Store on your iPad or from iTunes. It’s not free, but if you’re buying more than 20 instances of the app, you can get a 50% discount under Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme, making it just £1.99.

More Information

ClaroSpeak – Free App Download For Assessors

ClaroSpeak is available now for iPad and iPhone

ClaroSpeak™ is the first assistive technology app from Claro Software, available on iOS for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. ClaroSpeak is a high quality text-to-speech reader capable of speaking any accessible text with a range of human high quality voices. ClaroSpeak offers the option of visual highlighting in sync with the spoken words – and a great range of colour and font settings to allow for optimum reading. ClaroSpeak is available in a wide range of languages and voices, for different countries, via the Apple App Store. ClaroSpeak is a quality app for proofreading text through listening, helping with reading and literacy development and creating audio files from any text.

ClaroSpeak Features


Text in the workspace can be spoken back once typed into ClaroSpeak. Users can check text and proofread quickly and easily. Text from a document, email, web page or PDF can be copied into ClaroSpeak to be read back or quickly edited.

The iPad 3 and iPhone 4S come with built-in speech recognition, so text can be dictated directly into ClaroSpeech and listened back to ensure it is right.

ClaroSpeak can save any text as an audio file using the same high quality voice so it can be emailed, put into a playlist to listen to later or transferred to another computer.

High Quality Voices

Choose from a number of high quality Nuance Vocalizer voices. The voice can be made to speak faster or slower as suits the user.

The voices are all part of the ClaroSpeak app, so ClaroSpeak works perfectly whether online or not, and using it does not count against your data allowance.

Click here to hear audio samples of the voices

Visual Highlighting

Text is highlighted as the document is read back. Highlighting allows users to coordinate reading and listening. ClaroSpeak lets users pick the colour and style of highlighting – word or sentence – required. Read quickly or slowly depending on the user’s requirements. Read emails, web pages, Word documents (doc and docx), Pages documents and PDFs all with highlighting.

ClaroSpeak Save Text

There are four highlighting modes to choose from: Word by Word highlighting, Word Trail highlighting, Sentence highlighting or no highlighting. The Word Trail feature makes words colour progressively as they are spoken by ClaroSpeak.

Font and Colour

Change the font size, colour or use a more-readable font to maximise ease-of-reading – some people find high contrast easier to read, especially if they have a visual impairment, while some people with print impairments like dyslexia find low contrast text better. The font size, type and colour of the workspace can be modified easily in the settings, making ClaroSpeak easily adaptable to different users’ needs.

Save to Audio

Convert any text into an audio file with a high quality voice. This is quick and easy, allowing documents and web pages to be listened to on the move. Great for proofreading on the go.

ClaroSpeak Save Text

Send Text

Text created within ClaroSpeak can be emailed, sent via SMS, or copied and pasted into a web page, like a job advert form – great to help ensure everything is right. The Apple spell check works in ClaroSpeak too, further helping accuracy.

More Information

Buy ClaroSpeak

Free App For Assessors

We are giving away 25 free ClaroSpeak apps to assessors. If you are an assessor and would like to try out our app please contact us at

Claro Software at BETT 2012

Visitors to BETT 2012 were amongst the first to see the latest editions of ClaroRead for PC and Mac. Claro Software developers have enhanced existing popular features of ClaroRead for PC and Mac and introduced a whole new range of indispensable tools for reading and writing.

With many new features and improved usability, ClaroRead for PC V6 delivers our best reading and writing support tool to date.

ClaroRead for Mac V5 is the latest version of our reading and writing support tool for Mac. ClaroRead for Mac is designed to support individuals who struggle with reading and writing. To find out more go to the ClaroRead for Mac V5 Web Page

To find out more go to

ClaroRead for Mac V5

ClaroRead for Mac V5 is the latest version of our reading and writing support tool for Mac. ClaroRead for Mac is designed to support individuals who struggle with reading and writing. Users of any age and level of ability will have a world of information unlocked through ClaroRead.

ClaroRead for Mac V5

New in ClaroRead for Mac V5

Nuance Vocalizer Voices
ClaroRead for Mac now includes 8 high quality Nuance Vocalizer Voices. Click on the following links to hear audio samples of the voices.

ClaroRead Plus and Standard include 8 high quality voices.

ClaroRead  Standard USB includes 4 high quality voices.

Apple Pages
ClaroRead for Mac supports speech in Pages. Features supported include the homophone checker and highlighting features.

Check Anywhere Feature
The Check Anywhere feature allows users to spell check any text in any application, whether it is a web page, document or PDF.

Improved in ClaroRead for Mac V5

Check Window Feature
The Check Window feature now includes extras such as a dictionary definition of the chosen word and context box. The Check Window also displays the meaning and Synonyms of a chosen word.

Dock Icon Feature
Control the functions of ClaroRead including Play, Stop and Save to Audio through the dock icon. Access the main features of ClaroRead even when the application is minimised.

Prediction Feature
The Prediction feature has been enhanced and can now be used when typing in any application, such as the web browser or TextEdit.

To find out more, go to the ClaroRead for Mac V5 Web Page

Introducing The New, Best-Ever Version Of ClaroRead

Now available for Mac or PC
V5 and V6 enhance existing popular features and introduce a whole new range of indispensable tools for reading and writing.

ClaroRead’s popular text-to-speech, writing and scanning abilities have now been upgraded to make them even more intuitive and powerful.

In addition, ClaroRead V5 for Mac and V6 for PC are now compatible with a wider range of programs than ever before.

And all this comes at exactly the same price as the previous version.

Claro Software Managing Director Alasdair King said: “Rather than just create a selection of new features, we have also focussed on improving our existing range.

“We really just wanted to make the best version of ClaroRead that we could.”

New Voices
New Vocalizer voices for both Mac and PC use have replaced the voices of V4 and V5; ClaroRead users can now listen to their computer read out loud in the best quality voices available.

Alasdair explained: “The rise and fall of the voices, as well as the tone, is better and sounds even more natural.”

Both UK editions now include eight Vocalizer voices: American-English Tom; Australian-English Karen; Australian-English Lee; British-English Daniel ; British-English Serena ; Indian-English Sangeeta; Irish-English Moira; and Scottish-English Fiona.

Scan from Screen
ClaroRead V6 not only converts text to accessible, editable documents using the most powerful optical recognition (OCR) software. It can now also convert on-screen images.

This development means any presentation, notebook, or non-text specific image can now be scanned in and read out loud by ClaroRead’s powerful text-to-speech facility.

Integration with Pages
V5’s easy-to-use toolbar and powerful reading and writing tools have now been adapted to closely integrate with Pages, Apple’s document creation application, as well as Microsoft Word.

Those who use a Mac now no longer need to rely on Word to compose, read, and check any document.

In addition, all ClaroRead’s powerful word, sentence and paragraph highlighting features are available for use in Pages.

These include word trail, which progressively colours words as they are read, making text leap out, as well as the focus sentence tool, which greys or dims out sentences not being spoken.

Users don’t even need Word to easily alter font and spacing; Claro’s one-click formatting tools also simplify complex commands for Pages users.

Mac users can also access ClaroRead’s popular homophone feature in Pages, ideal for those who struggle with literacy.

The tool handily highlights words which sound alike despite differences in meaning, providing alternatives, as well as 2,000 definition symbols.

The Check Anywhere tool spellchecks in any document creation application. Using programs like TextEdit or Safari, ClaroRead will display any errors, with all the equivalent extra definitions and information it would display when in Word.

V5 also supports the creation of prediction dictionaries from Pages documents.

Language Support
V6 now produces on-the-spot translation of any word from its database of over 28 languages.

Select multiple words and ClaroRead will use an online translation service to find the meaning in any language.
“A lot of our partners in Europe report that their users are learning English, and that this is a priority for them,” Alasdair explained.

“For many speakers of more regular languages, like German or French, it is always possible that the irregularity of English can bring print impairments like dyslexia to the fore.

“This can help with that particular problem. And it is also just a really useful tool for all English learners.”

In addition, ClaroRead will also speak English text out loud.

“The problem with language learning is that it’s often really hard to get the correct pronunciation and accent from the non-native teachers. ClaroRead can do that for students, with high-quality speech,” Alasdair said.

Enhanced prediction
Feedback from Claro’s Danish partners has shown that word prediction can be key to helping those with dyslexia use a computer more effectively.

As a result, Claro Software have invested a huge amount of expertise in improving V6’s word prediction features. Now ClaroRead’s 50,000-word prediction dictionary is even swifter at helping users find the right word for the right context.

Predictions are now matched phonetically, and according to context; they are no longer just based on spelling. For many users, it will now be far easier to find the right work more quickly, and with enhanced accuracy.

Predictions are also grouped into both subject and profession-specific collections of words. Examples include accountancy, hairdressing, or biology. The tool is also easier to access from the toolbar, and whichever font is appropriate can be used. Users can access as many pages of results as needed.

As well as this, the English language spelling tool has been expanded, and now includes a huge 35,000-long list of misspellings and corrections.

Other upgrades
Claro Software designers have carefully listened to users, and added a number of improvements to ClaroRead PC’s regular features.

Background colour will now highlight in Internet Explorer, as well as in Microsoft Word. ‘Select now’ can be activated with double and triple clicks, not just single clicks – making it easier to use for different physical abilities.

Selecting ‘Ignore all’ during a homophone check now means the selected word is always ignored.

“Save to Video has been improved so that it handles longer sentences well, and now produces video optimised for the Apple iPad, making it a great tool for creating revision notes or study tools on the go,” Alasdair said.

Notes to editors

ClaroRead V5 for Mac

  1. There are two versions of ClaroRead V5 for Mac, Plus and Standard. Both include ClaroView, ScreenRuler and ClaroCapture, but Plus also includes Readiris Pro 12 for Mac.
  2. System requirements: Mac computer with an Intel processor, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, 250MB of disk space, DVD drive for installation, 200MB-650MB for each voice, 180MB for Readiris Pro (ClaroRead Plus only), Microsoft Word 2008 or 2011, Pages ‘09 (V4).
  3. ClaroRead Plus for Mac V5 UK edition costs £185 (ex vat), while ClaroRead Standard is available for £145.00 (ex vat). ClaroView for Mac is available for £49.

ClaroRead V6 for PC

  1. There are three versions of ClaroRead V6 for PC, Plus, Pro and Standard. Both Plus and Pro include ClaroView, ScreenRuler and ClaroCapture.


Introducing The New, Best-Ever Version Of ClaroRead PDF