Claro ScanPen Swedish Review

We have just come across a wonderful review of Claro ScanPen. This one is from Sweden and the reviewer, consumer editor Martin Appel, has really nailed some of the best features for his readers.

For those of you who do not read Swedish, this is what he said:

Some apps are almost magic, and just a few years ago they would feel like science fiction. Claro ScanPen is one such. What the app does is to turn written text into speech. You can keep the phone in front of a regular page in a paper book, and after a few seconds you hear the text read by a synthetic voice.

We agree. Every time people try out Claro ScanPen at exhibitions or conferences, they think it is magic. It is something about the mix of old style paper print with new technology that really appeals.

Martin Appel goes on to talk about the different groups who will benefit:

The scan pen is primarily intended for schoolchildren who have difficulty reading. By hearing the text while reading, it becomes easier to understand. But, of course, it’s not just schoolchildren who may have trouble reading, and the app may as well be used by people with impaired vision – or all of us who sometimes need some help concentrating.

Thanks Martin for the excellent review and the helpful tips.


ClaroSpeak – Free App Download For Assessors

ClaroSpeak is available now for iPad and iPhone

ClaroSpeak™ is the first assistive technology app from Claro Software, available on iOS for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. ClaroSpeak is a high quality text-to-speech reader capable of speaking any accessible text with a range of human high quality voices. ClaroSpeak offers the option of visual highlighting in sync with the spoken words – and a great range of colour and font settings to allow for optimum reading. ClaroSpeak is available in a wide range of languages and voices, for different countries, via the Apple App Store. ClaroSpeak is a quality app for proofreading text through listening, helping with reading and literacy development and creating audio files from any text.

ClaroSpeak Features


Text in the workspace can be spoken back once typed into ClaroSpeak. Users can check text and proofread quickly and easily. Text from a document, email, web page or PDF can be copied into ClaroSpeak to be read back or quickly edited.

The iPad 3 and iPhone 4S come with built-in speech recognition, so text can be dictated directly into ClaroSpeech and listened back to ensure it is right.

ClaroSpeak can save any text as an audio file using the same high quality voice so it can be emailed, put into a playlist to listen to later or transferred to another computer.

High Quality Voices

Choose from a number of high quality Nuance Vocalizer voices. The voice can be made to speak faster or slower as suits the user.

The voices are all part of the ClaroSpeak app, so ClaroSpeak works perfectly whether online or not, and using it does not count against your data allowance.

Click here to hear audio samples of the voices

Visual Highlighting

Text is highlighted as the document is read back. Highlighting allows users to coordinate reading and listening. ClaroSpeak lets users pick the colour and style of highlighting – word or sentence – required. Read quickly or slowly depending on the user’s requirements. Read emails, web pages, Word documents (doc and docx), Pages documents and PDFs all with highlighting.

ClaroSpeak Save Text

There are four highlighting modes to choose from: Word by Word highlighting, Word Trail highlighting, Sentence highlighting or no highlighting. The Word Trail feature makes words colour progressively as they are spoken by ClaroSpeak.

Font and Colour

Change the font size, colour or use a more-readable font to maximise ease-of-reading – some people find high contrast easier to read, especially if they have a visual impairment, while some people with print impairments like dyslexia find low contrast text better. The font size, type and colour of the workspace can be modified easily in the settings, making ClaroSpeak easily adaptable to different users’ needs.

Save to Audio

Convert any text into an audio file with a high quality voice. This is quick and easy, allowing documents and web pages to be listened to on the move. Great for proofreading on the go.

ClaroSpeak Save Text

Send Text

Text created within ClaroSpeak can be emailed, sent via SMS, or copied and pasted into a web page, like a job advert form – great to help ensure everything is right. The Apple spell check works in ClaroSpeak too, further helping accuracy.

More Information

Buy ClaroSpeak

Free App For Assessors

We are giving away 25 free ClaroSpeak apps to assessors. If you are an assessor and would like to try out our app please contact us at

Claro Software’s Deepdale Dream

KPMG V Rest of the Whole
Last Thursday saw the annual KPMG football competition. The match, between the KPMG Dream Team Vs The Rest of the World, took place at Deepdale, the home of Preson North End.

KPMG, our financial accountants, asked for representatives to play in the match. Dave Stevens and Alex Houghton went down to represent Claro and both had a great game.

At the end of a hard fought 90 minutes the teams were deadlocked at 2-2, meaning that penalties were needed to decide the winner.

Dave Stevens, Director at Claro Software, scored the winning penalty for the KPMG Dream Team.

Alex and Dave from Claro Software after the match