ClaroRead Anywhere V12 Released

We have updated our online cross-platform Web App, ClaroRead Anywhere. This release, which is available to all users immediately, focuses on ease-of-use and performance: we are all busy people and we need the tools we use to work smoothly and easily.

A big part of performance is letting you know that the App is doing what you have told it to do. First, when you use Speech Recognition, you will see the text you are dictating appearing as you say it, rather than in one lump at the end:

Second, when you are converting a file (PDF or image) so you can read the contents aloud and work with them, you’ll get more information that ClaroRead Anywhere is processing and working.

We’ve also made ClaroRead Anywhere better at opening Microsoft Word and Google Docs documents. Lists (bullet points) are better-displayed and easier to read and use.

Finally, if you start a new document but you’ve changed the original, you’ll be prompted to save it – simple, familiar, but a little tweak that stops you potentially losing work. We hope these tweaks make ClaroRead Anywhere more enjoyable to use on your device – which of course can be any tablet, desktop, laptop or phone!

Speech Recognition is only supported in the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Chromebook, iOS and Android.


ClaroRead Chrome Extension 6 Released

We have updated our free Chrome extension, ClaroRead Chrome.

Existing users should all have been automatically updated. You can get it now from the Chrome Web Store.

Version 6 includes some new features:

Read PDFs with highlighting.
Chrome opens PDF documents in the browser just like web pages. With ClaroRead Chrome you can have these PDFs read back to you with highlighting. Click Play and the whole PDF will be read aloud, sentence by sentence. Of course, the PDF needs to be an accessible non-image PDF for this to work – you may want to check out our ClaroRead Cloud OCR Web App if you need to convert a PDF you find that doesn’t read.
Read Google Docs extensions with hover or select.
Google Docs has extensions and add-ons that help you with your writing, such as spell-checking or translation. ClaroRead Chrome will now speak these extensions – just hover over items or select text in them.
Unlock premium features
Google for Education and Google for Work admins can deploy ClaroRead Chrome to their users and unlock premium features, including best-quality text-to-speech voices.

ClaroPDF Updated to V1.3

ClaroPDF from  Claro Software

Claro Software has updated the ClaroPDF iOS App to v1.3 – available on the iOS App Store since the end of May. Below is the list of additions to ClaroPDF.

+ Google Drive integration. You can now store and open your files from your Google Drive account. You can also open compatible Google Docs in ClaroPDF.

+ Folder customisation. Organise your PDF files in the ClaroPDF Gallery, create new folders and move files around.

+ Fullscreen mode. Allows the full document to be seen, removing the controls.

+ Wide iOS voice range. Choose from a wide range of voices, to speak PDFs in many languages. No download required.

+ More switch accessibility. Responds to switch commands:
1 (~1) does play;
2 (~2) does stop;
3 (~3) does previous page;
4 (~4) does next page.

+ Two new speech settings giving more flexibility for different situations. These are “Stop speaking on tap” and “Speak from: tapped sentence OR first sentence”. Allows for better speech control when ClaroPDF is being operated by external switches or for text to speech reading from the top of the page if required.

+ Auto detection of uppercase reading. Better handling of text to speech for PDF documents that are fully capitalised, such as comics.

+ Annotation toolbar now hovers over main toolbar. This saves room on iPhone.

ClaroPDF is an accessible, professional and user-friendly PDF Viewer, Reader and Annotator for iPad and iPhone. Annotate and mark up text or image PDF files. View text PDF files and listen to them with a human-quality voice and synchronised highlighting.

ClaroRead Pro and Plus for Windows can scan paper or convert images of documents into accessible ClaroPDF files, retaining the original page image. These PDF files can be opened and spoken in the ClaroPDF iOS app.

More Information

To find out more about our apps and view videos go to the Claro-Apps Web Page

For more information about the rest of Claro Software’s range of apps, go to, email

ClaroSpeak New Release


The ClaroSpeak text-to-speech App now brings the ‘Capture Text From Photo’ option and Google Drive to all ClaroSpeak users.

With ClaroSpeak’s advanced ‘Optical Character Recognition’ (OCR), users can easily photograph a document or screen-shot an image with text, and have this text extracted into ClaroSpeak.

The ClaroSpeak update now includes Google Drive and Google Docs. Easily save, load and open files to your Google Drive account or open Google Docs in ClaroSpeak.

ClaroSpeak is a quality text-to-speech App for proofreading text through listening, helping with reading and literacy development, creating audio files from any text and scanning any document to convert the text into editable text. ClaroSpeak offers the option of visual highlighting in sync with the spoken words – and a great range of colour and font settings to allow for optimum reading.


ClaroSpeak Reviews And Quotes

ClaroSpeak “This App is absolutely brilliant! I’m currently doing a degree & have M.E, so at times I am unable to read when experiencing a relapse. I have the PC version of ClaroSpeak, I thought i’d try the App version, so glad I did. I am able to upload all module notes & open to Claro via Dropbox. This App has really helped me with my studies. I have it on my iPad & iPhone, I just listen, make notes where necessary, even on the go.” PhonexRising78 (App store)