Claro Software at CSUN 2012

Claro Software are at CSUN 2012, the 27th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference. Thousands of delegates and visitors are attending the event, hosted at Carlifornia State University, to see cutting tecnology and practical solutions to aid people with disabilities in education and the workplace. The show is Read more…

Claro FaceMouse® – A Finalist In The 2011 Da Vinci Awards

British assistive technology company Claro Software is delighted with the news that they have been shortlisted for the prestigious 2011 American Da Vinci Awards. These global awards honour products and services which enhance mobility and make life better for people with disabilities.

da Vinci Awards 2011

Claro FaceMouse® is the latest tool for PC screen navigation. It is a solution for people who cannot use a mouse. Now, with just a standard webcam and the Claro FaceMouse software, computer users can move the mouse pointer around the screen simply by moving their head.

Claro FaceMouse® will make a real difference to people with disabilities, especially those with degenerative conditions such as MND, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis. It will allow them to play computer games, send an email or open a program without expensive and cumbersome access devices.

Claro is one of only three finalists selected from an international field of nominees in the Environmental Adaptation/Daily Living/Work Aids category. The results will be announced at an ‘Academy Awards style’ presentation in Michigan on 22 September.

The International da Vinci Awards da Vinci awards are now ten years old and proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Michigan Chapter. The organisers say, “Assistive and adaptive technologies play an important role in helping people overcome physical limitations. Each year, the Da Vinci Awards® recognizes the most innovative developments in this field. By supporting the awards, you will help many of those with multiple sclerosis increase access to everyday life through assistive and adaptive technologies.”

Dave Stevens, commercial director at Claro, said, “We are delighted that Claro FaceMouse has been shortlisted for this prestigious American award. This nomination follows the recent release of the product, so to get early American appreciation for the innovative work of the Claro team helps drive us forward.”

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