ClaroRead Anywhere 13 Released

We’ve updated our cross-platform Web App, ClaroRead Anywhere. This works on tablets, desktops, phones in any modern browser, so it’s great to provide speech and OCR across a wide range of users without needing to install anything.

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve done some design work and cleaned up how the App looks. We’ve introduced a File button that gives you access to your cloud drive and your local drive for saving and loading documents, which is cleaner and more familiar from both traditional desktop programs and modern web apps like Google Docs. We’ve put labels on the buttons so new users can find their way around more easily. And we’ve cleaned up the save and load dialogs to better tell you what you are doing and what your options are. ClaroRead Anywhere is likely to be used occasionally, not every day, so we can’t assume users know their way around it: keeping the user interface obvious and clean is important.
  • Users on Android will find that the Dictate button is now available and you can speak into ClaroRead Anywhere to see your text appear – no typing required! Android uses the Google speech recognition services, which are coming along brilliantly, so it’s great to be able to make these available to our users and let them get down the text they want without having to fight with typing and spelling.
  • We think ClaroRead Anywhere is about proofing and getting text down rather than polishing your final document, but still it’s nice to be able to open a Word document or do some editing and get out a document that keeps some of your formatting. We’ve therefore enabled saving as a cross-platform Rich Text File (.RTF) document, which will open in Word or Google Docs and keeps your bold text, italics, bullet points, underlines, font sizes and other formatting intact.
  • Finally, some improvements to word prediction: predictions stay visible so long as they match, meaning it’s easier to check out the suggestions, and we have expanded the supported languages from English, Dutch and Swedish to include Arabic, French, German, Polish and Spanish. Just switch to a voice in that language and prediction will switch too.

ClaroRead Anywhere is available to end-users of ClaroRead and as part of an annual ClaroRead site licence. Check out the ClaroRead Anywhere web page for more details!

ClaroRead Cloud OCR V3 Released

We’ve updated our online OCR/scanning document conversion web app with some new features!

  • Support for KESI files. KESI, Kurzweil or .KES files are a file format for scanned material (books) often found in education. ClaroRead Cloud OCR V3 will let you open these files and save them as accessible PDFs so they can be read in any app that handles PDF. This lets you work with legacy stores of KESI files when you move to a more modern platform, like Chromebooks.
  • Support for Word DOCX, DOC and RTF input files. Convert any of these common document formats into accessible PDF, plain text or image files.
  • We’ve worked to clean up and simplify the user experience so it’s even more straightforward to use. We know that most people don’t care about PDF formats – but they do care that the PDF they make looks like the original and reads correctly. So we’ve made our default option the most accessible and useful format for most of our users – while letting advanced users choose their output formats where necessary.Super-simple output options - PDF, Word or text.
  • We’ve also added support for the PDF/A standard so by default the accessible PDF files produced by ClaroRead Cloud OCR will work on any PDF reader on any platform.

Anyone can get five free document conversions a month by signing up for ClaroRead Cloud. This is completely free, so why not try it now?