ClaroPDF application for accessible PDF

PDF is a powerful document format that is versatile and used everywhere, and you likely use it yourself every day. Many Claro Software products work with PDF files. In our blogs and on our website we often talk about inaccessible and accessible PDF. What do we mean by this?

In short, an accessible PDF has layers of text that can be selected. An inaccessible PDF does not. Think of an inaccessible PDF like a photograph of some text: a computer thinks this is just a photograph, even if there are words that can be clearly read by a human.

Take the two examples below. Both PDFs look the same, but the one is inaccessible, and other one is accessible.

  • Inaccessible AT Magazine Article
  • Accessible AT Magazine Article

  • One way to tell the difference is to try to select an area of text. You can not do this in the inaccessible PDF, because the computer does not recognize text as actual text. You can, however, select areas of text in an accessible PDF.

    A technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) exists to convert images of text into computer-readable text. It is the OCR technology built into many Claro Software products that allows our software and apps on your computer or your phone or tablet to convert these inaccessible PDFs into computer-readable formats.

    What’s more, is that ClaroRead allows you to go straight from an inaccessible PDF to a Word document, so that you can make any changes and edits you wish. ClaroRead also lets you do other clever things such as changing the order in which sections of text will be read to you. Take a look at the example below.

  • PDF to Word AT Magazine Article

  • Also, ClaroPDF iOS and OrbitNote applications can make PDFs more accessible.

    OrbitNote allows you to transform and interact with PDFs and documents in a completely different way. Create an accessible, dynamic and collaborative space that works for everyone.

    ClaroPDF iOS allows you annotate, mark up and save PDF files which are then still fully compatible with Adobe Reader and other popular PDF apps. Have accessible text PDF files read back to you with a human quality voice & synchronised highlighting.

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