ClaroRead Chrome 21 is out! We have done a lot of work on stability and operational improvements, which is not glamorous but is necessary to make sure we are shipping the best software we can. For example, scan from screen is now much more accurate, so you can read more things more easily.

But also new stuff:

  • If you have a web page using embedded maths then ClaroRead Chrome will read it back and highlight it as it reads through the page. We don’t see a lot of pages in the wild that actually use embedded maths, but this unlocks a lot of possible uses from exams to ebooks.
  • We have a LOT of voices available for lots of languages, which is nice, but you probably only want to choose between a couple of them. We’ve fixed up the language selection so that it groups voices into languages, and puts your languages at the top, so it’s easier to find and pick the voice that’s just right for you. There is even a voice test button now!

ClaroRead Chrome 21 Speech Settings
Voice Selection Settings

Next version we are working on word prediction and spellcheck, and annotations, so we are excited to get 21 out and get on with that!

How to get it?

ClaroRead Chrome is available in the Chrome Web Store: it will provide some useful features for free, but you have to purchase a licence to unlock all the features.

Available in the Web Store

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