The thing we love doing the most at Claro Software is listening to you and making sure that we always deliver what you’re asking for, so with this in mind we are delighted to present version 2 of Writing Helper Mac to you, which includes some great features to both align it with its Windows sibling and give you an even better writing experience.

What’s new?

Reference Manager

You can now search for books and journals to populate your citation information in a few clicks. This feature, alongside the ability to reuse an old structure from a previous project are two big improvements to usability. You can also now see the unsorted snippets in Stage 5 on the right hand side panel, giving you much more space to organise your work.

There are loads of ‘under the bonnet’ improvements and fixes and performance tweaks as we continue to develop too, but one thing you’ll see right away is a bank of new tooltips that, discreetly and quietly, guide users through their writing process, offering even less stress and more focus on the steps that matter, only when they matter.

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How to get it?

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More Information

Writing Helper Mac product page
Writing Helper Mac release notes


Michelle McArdleLead Developer
Stuart marsden Product Manager

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