Our next update for our Writing Helper software is here! We believe that new features will help you create and complete your written assignments quicker and with less stress!

What’s new?

Mind Mapping Integration

It’s finally here, the feature you’ve been asking for: visual mapping integration (mind mapping). Writing Helper 2.1 no longer creates only a blank ClaroIdeas visual map from the Question tab (stage 2 in the Writing Helper process). Now, your highlighted open concepts will be included in your visual map and you can explore your ideas from there.

But that isn’t all: not only can you export to ClaroIdeas, we have worked with our friends at Inspiration and MindVIew and you can now go to settings and select your favorite visual mapping software instead. Open your maps in ClaroIdeas, Inspiration or MindView and use the great features these products have to help you create and organise your ideas.

New Logo

Finally, we hope you enjoy the new Writing Helper icon, and we’ve shortened the name so it’s easier to day. We’ve been calling it Writing Helper all along anyway so it’s a great step forward. Keep your eyes open for Writing Helper 2.2 which will include more exciting visual mapping features.

How to get it?

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Stuart marsden Product Manager

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