We’re really excited to bring this new update to Writing Helper to you because we’ve been working hard to further improve the accessibility, onboarding and usability. To make Writing Helper even easier to use we have added the following new benefits and features, not least of which is improved readability with Read&Write to complement existing ClaroRead readability. 

What’s new?

Dark Mode

There are many new general visual improvements to the user interface, but the best of these is Dark Mode, which you have all been asking for. This can be found in Settings.

Onboarding tooltips

These appear as question marks within circles, which you can click to learn more about the writing process.

Working space in Snippets

More space to organise your snippets in tab 5 is a great improvement we’ve implemented here. The unsorted snippets have moved from above the structure to a new tab on the right hand side. This optimises the screen space and allows you to see more of your sorted and unsorted content all at once.

Unsorted Snippets have now been moved into a side panel in the Snippets tab.

Additional evidence

A small but important change is that we now allow you to specify whether you want to include any evidence that you have brought into your project but haven’t used directly in your writing. Just toggle the check box above the “Publish to Word” button.

How to get it?

Upgrade your Writing Helper software now!

Download 15-day trial version of Writing Helper.

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David BrowneLead Developer
Stuart marsden Product Manager

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