ClaroRead for Chromebook Extension

Quick Overview

Speak web pages and PDF files and read Google Docs with highlighting in Google Chrome browsers and Chromebooks.

Free in the Chrome App Store, optional upgrades for scan from screen and increased voice range.

The ClaroRead for Chromebook extension adds speech to any web page you visit, and can read aloud Google Docs with highlighting to let you see where you are up to. ClaroRead for Chromebook is free with an upgraded Premium option.

You can get ClaroRead Chrome Premium with scan from screen and extra voices by in-app purchase or by buying a ClaroRead Cloud or annual ClaroRead Licence for your organisation. Contact us for details. or see our UK site licences or USA site licences.

  • Click Play to read any web page out loud, with highlighting to let you track where you are.
  • Click Play to read your own work or any document you have opened in Google Docs and Google Slides, again with highlighting.
  • Scan from screen: draw a rectangle round any text in a page to hear it read aloud - even Google Books, inaccessible PDFs and images of text. (Premium only)
  • Click Play to read back accessible PDF files opened in Chrome, whether found on the web or opened from your local machine.
  • Hover over links or images to read them out or just select text you want to hear and it speaks.
  • Choose from dozens of languages and voices to read different web pages in the voice you prefer. (You get more voices in Premium with Voices.)
  • Echo back letters, words and sentences as you type them to help with proofing and accessibility.
  • Turn on a coloured overlay for tinting web pages to help with reading and comfort.
  • Choose the text highlight colour that helps you follow along best.
  • Use word prediction to help you with getting the right correctly-spelled word when writing. Supports English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Arabic.
  • Read other Google Docs extensions to maximise effectiveness of all your tools.
  • Deploy and administer across your company or school with powerful admin tools.
  • Read Office 365 (Word Online) documents with highlighting (Premium only).

ClaroRead for Chromebook Options

Get the ClaroRead for Chromebook that suits you.

ClaroRead for Chromebook
Free in the Chrome Web Store, get it now for reading PDFs, web pages and Google Docs.
ClaroRead for Chromebook Premium
Update to the Premium features (including scan from screen) with a one-off licence.
With ClaroRead Cloud
Take out an annual subscription to ClaroRead Cloud and get ClaroRead for Chromebook Premium plus the ability to convert (OCR) documents and create accessible PDF files.
With ClaroRead Windows or Mac
ClaroRead for Chromebook Premium is included in any ClaroRead Windows or Mac purchase of individual licences or with any annual site licence.
ClaroRead for Chromebook Premium with Voices
This version includes some extra server voices for non-English users and is available in Sweden.

Help and Documentation

User Guide
Complete user guide.
Release Notes
Change log of each version - what's new and different.
Installing Claro Chromebook Apps and Extensions Online
How to get Chromebook Apps on your network.
ClaroRead for Chromebook Extension Site Policies
Administering ClaroRead for Chromebook settings for all your users across you domain.
ClaroRead for Chromebook Extension Specification
A complete listing of all the features of ClaroRead for Chromebook.

System Requirements

Any one of:

  • Chromebook
  • Google Chrome browser (v49+) on Microsoft Windows
  • Google Chrome browser (v49+) on Apple Mac OSX
  • Google Chrome browser (v49+) on Linux