Claro Voice Setup

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Quick Overview

Downloads any of 80 different high-quality text-to-speech voices to your Windows PC.

Claro Voice Setup is a small program that lets you download and install any of 80 voices covering 30 languages. It is available with ClaroRead 7.

You will either have it installed with ClaroRead 7, or you can download it here:

Download Claro Voice Setup installer

Simply run Claro Voice Setup, and it will detect that you have ClaroRead for Windows version 7 installed (Pro, Plus, Standard or SE). You can then select any voice you want and it will download and install.

Help and Documentation

Claro Voice Setup User Manual  Online
Complete user manual.
Release Notes  Online
What's in each version.

System Requirements

  • ClaroRead Pro, Plus, Standard or SE, Version 7
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Fast Internet connection