You know that your employee needs assistive software to help them, but it’s all very expensive, and you can’t work out what package they need. Assistive software is expensive, and site licences are inflexible and you have to call a salesperson, and what about phones and Office 365 and laptops and mobility?

ClaroRead 365 is here to make things simpler and easier. For a fixed per-person, per-month price, paid for on your company credit card, you get access to all our software wherever you need it. And you can add people any time, or cancel any time, if your needs change. Software as a Service for you!

ClaroRead 365 Features

Included with ClaroRead 365

 ClaroRead for Word ClaroRead for Word uses the latest Office 365 technologies to bring our world-class text-to-speech, spellchecking, prediction and usability tools.

Get it

To get ClaroRead 365 subscription, you need to login to Claro Cloud Account and select ClaroRead 365 Subscription.

System Requirements

  • Credit card.
  • Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Office 365 or web browser.