ClaroRead Cloud

ClaroRead Cloud gives individuals and institutions the power to provide Claro text-to-speech, reading support, and document conversion (OCR) across any device - Windows machines, Macs, Android phones and tablets, iPads and iPhones, and Chromebooks.

ClaroRead Cloud consists of the new ClaroRead Cloud OCR web service plus the ClaroRead Anywhere text-to-speech web app. Both simply run in a web browser, whether on a laptop, tablet or phone. So they work on any device, and require no installation!

Sign up for free now and try out ClaroRead Cloud with the ability to OCR five documents a month: Sign up to ClaroRead Cloud.

ClaroRead Cloud can be deployed across users, sites and whole organisations without installing anything. Personal (BYOD) or work devices can be supported. You and your users can then use ClaroRead Cloud OCR to create accessible PDFs, or convert images into Word documents, from any phone, tablet or desktop. Take a photograph or select a PDF file and get back text, PDF or Word. Open a PDF, TIFF or JPEG from your Cloud storage, OCR it and save the accessible format back to your Cloud storage.

A subscription to ClaroRead Cloud gives you thousands of pages per month of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversion. With flexible options and an affordable annual subscription, it gives you organisation-wide capacity and compliance for a great price. Multiple methods for you to deploy and control access across your organisation provide full flexibility.

Your students or staff can also access text-to-speech through ClaroRead Anywhere. ClaroRead Anywhere offers speech with highlighting, word prediction, background and font and foreground colour choice, and a speaking dictionary.

Want to know more?

ClaroRead Cloud OCR
Document conversion (OCR) in any web browser or phone.
ClaroRead Anywhere
Text-to-speech, word prediction, and Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox integration in any web browser or phone
Pricelist for ClaroRead Cloud for organisations.

ClaroRead Cloud for individuals

Individuals - students, colleagues, you - can benefit from ClaroRead Cloud without needing an institutional subscription. You can access 500 pages per month of ClaroRead Cloud OCR document conversion and text-to-speech and editing in ClaroSpeak Anywhere by purchasing an individual subscription to ClaroRead Cloud. You can then use our Cloud apps and services on any computer or device - your own laptop, in a lab, on a phone.

Buy ClaroRead Cloud OCR and ClaroRead Anywhere together now.

Help and Documentation

Pricing for ClaroRead Cloud for institutions
Rates for ClaroRead Cloud OCR and ClaroRead Anywhere for a whole school, college or university.
Cloud Provisioning Guide PDF
How to set up ClaroRead Cloud for your institution (school, college, university, office).
Setting up ClaroRead Cloud by linking from your website
Video showing how to link ClaroRead Anywhere and ClaroRead Cloud OCR directly from your website for your students and staff to use.
ClaroRead Cloud OCR User Guide
Complete user guide for our online OCR service.
ClaroRead Anywhere Web User Guide
Complete user guide for the online text-to-speech application.

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  1. ClaroRead Anywhere

    ClaroRead Anywhere

    Cross-platform Web App with speech, OCR and word prediction. Learn More
  2. ClaroRead Cloud OCR for Individuals

    ClaroRead Cloud OCR for Individuals

    Excl. VAT: £30.00 Incl. VAT: £36.00
    Convert documents and extract text for reading and editing with OCR. One year subscription for individuals. Learn More
  3. ClaroRead Cloud OCR for Institutions

    ClaroRead Cloud OCR for Institutions

    Excl. VAT: £1,595.00 Incl. VAT: £1,914.00
    Convert documents and extract text for reading and editing with OCR. One year subscription. Learn More

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