ClaroRead for PC Comparison Chart

ClaroRead is available in SE, Standard, Plus and Pro versions. Our most popular version for individuals used to be ClaroRead Plus, but now you get all our Apps included if you get ClaroRead Pro. Our most popular version for schools is ClaroRead SE where it is used in exams. Our most popular versions for site licences for colleges and universities are ClaroRead and ClaroRead Plus.

Read Microsoft Word documents with highlighting
Read Adobe Reader PDFs with highlighting
Read web pages with highlighting
Read anything else on the PC by selecting with the mouse
Echo back Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Save text as speech to an audio file • 
Convert paper documents to PDF and Word documents    
Make inaccessible PDF files into accessible PDF files    
Capture and read text straight off the screen
Advanced PDF output options (password, version, compression)      
Proof scans with custom dictionaries and characters      
Spellcheck (Including phonetic misspellings, homophones) •   
Prediction (Including phonetic prediction)  
ScreenRuler screen tinting  
ClaroCapture study skills  
ClaroIdeas mind mapping  
Claro AudioNote lecture capture  
Available for installation on one machine or a whole network
Available on a USB stick
Includes iPad, iPhone and Android Apps (ClaroPDF, ScanPen, ClaroSpeak)