Please complete the forms below to download free 15-day trial demo versions of our software. For the best experience, download one or more high-quality human-sounding TTS voices as well as ClaroRead.

You can also sign up for Claro Account to get access to free apps and services. You can get demos for ClaroRead Windows, ClaroRead Mac, and our other software.

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Windows Software Trials

Form to download Writing Helper, ClaroRead and ClaroRead SE.

ClaroRead comes with a number of high-quality human-sounding text-to-speech voices, in English and other languages. By default ClaroRead Plus comes with eight voices, but you can also obtain more for free from ClaroRead Cloud after your purchase. Below are demos of some of our voices. We have some voices not available as demos. Our products use high-quality human-sounding TTS, or text-to-speech, synthesised speech.

List of voices available for ClaroRead Windows

You can get any of our 80 voices in 30 languages for free through Settings in ClaroRead, downloading from Account Homepage or by using Claro Voice Setup on Windows:

Mac Software Trials

Form to download Writing Helper, ClaroRead and ClaroRead SE.

List of voices available for ClaroRead Mac

All of the voices are available through the settings panel in ClaroRead after you install it.

Other Claro Software

Form to download ScreenRuler, ClaroCapture, ClaroIdeas, ClaroView and ClaroPDF.

Demo Documents

Download demo documents for testing.

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ClaroRead Demo Word Document

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Sample of Text – right-to-left

Sample of Text – left-to-right

Welsh Cymraeg

Welsh Cymraeg

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