ClaroRead and our Apps are used extensively around the world in education. From university students in the UK to primary school pupils in Sweden, our support for reading and writing helps with learning and achieving.

Disabled Students’ Allowance

The UK Disabled Students’ Allowance provides students with print impairments like dyslexia with ClaroRead. Find out more about ClaroRead in DSA, its popular features, and how you can access training and your own assessment copy of ClaroRead.

Universities and Colleges

Students need support to meet the challenges of higher and further education. With 10% of the student body facing a print impairment like dyslexia, and 100% of students needing help with study skills and revision, we offer site licences for our software and Apps so you can equip all your students with the tools they need. Find out more.

School Districts and Local Authorities

Looking for a solution for multiple schools? We are happy to support coordinated software deployments of Windows, Chromebook, or iPad software across your institutions. Find out more.

 Schools and Exams

ClaroRead, ClaroPDF and Claro ScanPen are used in schools at all levels to support examinations and let candidates work independently without the need for a human reader. Find out more about how we can help your school and pupils: Find out more.

ClaroPDF Pro icon

ClaroPDF Pro Review – Wonderful app for students and anyone with accessibility needs. Developers are also very responsive with support.

 Our Customers