The UK university sector has a great scheme called DSA. Through it, university students with a disability receive funding for kit, software, training and support throughout their university career. Claro Software is used extensively in the UK DSA market. Students using ClaroRead do better than those that do not benefit from any Assistive Technology.

 Students with DSA

If you are eligible for DSA then you can be given ClaroRead for Windows or Mac and receive training and support in how to use it to make the most of your studies from your DSA supplier. If you want to find out more about the software yourself, check out our extensive training resources.

You ALSO get our iPad, iPhone and Android Apps, which give you powerful features on the move on your personal device: find out how to get Claro Apps to help you.

And our ClaroRead DSA never runs out: on a long course? Taking a break from education? It’ll still work when you come back, and it’ll still get free updates so it keeps working.

 DSA Assessors

Assessors work with students to identify what software will be best for them. We are happy to support DSA Assessors with our CPD-accredited training course, with free software for demonstration purposes, with monthly webinars, and with training event and demonstrations around the country. Get your Access Centre to contact us and we will be happy to organise training and demonstration. We can even send you some posters!

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ClaroRead DSA Justification Guidelines

Writing Helper DSA Justification Guidelines

List of ClaroRead and Claro App Features

 DSA Trainers

DSA Trainers can benefit from the training and information resources for Assessors but may also be interested in more detailed articles on the features of ClaroRead and a selection of our own and third-party videos on using ClaroRead and our Apps.