If you are managing many schools or institutions then you want a solution that is easy to deploy, great value, and powerful. We can supply Claro Software for all the Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android and iPad devices across your domain, and we can do a single site licence to cover them. Or use our web-based Cloud applications, which require zero installation and can be used from any modern browser on any device.

Centralising your purchasing helps:

  • Schools can access the software more easily so they get it out in a more timely fashion and don’t leave students without support.
  • Renewal and administration can be kept to a minimum saving you overheads and avoid interruptions in service.
  • You can centrally deliver training and instruction without needing to replicate the effort for each school.
  • Apps and desktop software and Cloud applications can all be deployed.

Find out more about our site licence options or get in touch with your particular set-up to discuss how we could help.

“Stanley Green was identified by OFSTED as having a weakness for SEN provision. After adopting Claro they are now looking at becoming a dyslexia friendly school using the BDA chartermark.”

Angela Malunczuk , Headteacher (Stanley Green First School, Poole)