ClaroRead can raise the accessibility and usability of every machine in your estate for students and staff who need assistance with reading, writing and study.

You need to ensure you meet regulatory and legal requirements for all your people. By making our software available on every machine you are guaranteeing that they have the tools available whenever they need them. Otherwise you risk all of the following:

  • Software can only be obtained through a requisition and provisioning process that takes time – time the student does not have the support they need.
  • Software must be purchased and signed off over and over, ending up with an inefficient allocation of resources over time and multiple conversations with finance.
  • Software must be deployed and managed to specific machines, requiring IT support and time that is always in short supply.
  • Software is stigmatised as being only for a subset of students, making it harder to get the students who would benefit to use it.
  • Students and staff who would benefit from the software – and may have disabilities and conditions that you do not know about – cannot access it, and struggle to complete their studies and work.

A site licence for Claro Software simplifies purchase, deployment, and use of our powerful but easy-to-use AT tools on all your desktop machines – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. You can also use our web-based Cloud applications, which require zero installation and can be used from any modern browser on any device. Find out more about ClaroRead Windows or go straight to our site licence options.

“I really am quite excited with Claro and its capabilities!”

Emma Tyreman, Oxford & Cherwell Valley College