Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Table of Contents

1) Products and Features

1.1 Can I use ClaroRead for Exams?

See Exams. The short answer is "yes". The software can be used with headphones. 

1.2 Do you have a voice for [language]?

See Voices for a list of our available voices. You can get any of these voices with any version of ClaroRead for PC - SE, Standard, Plus or Pro.

1.3 What's the difference between ClaroRead Plus and Pro?

Pro has more scanning/OCR features: a proofing step to let you correct the output, and more output options like "PDF/A" or "password-protected PDF". See this Plus versus Pro video.

1.4. ClaroRead for Mac VS ClaroRead for PC

ClaroRead for Mac has the same core features as ClaroRead for Windows - speech, scanning/OCR, spellcheck, screen tinting, word prediction - but a slightly smaller feature set. These are generally less-used features, for the obvious reason that if they were popular we would have built them into ClaroRead for Mac already!

Click here for more information. 

1.5. Does your software read text in Welsh?

Speech company IVONA created two Welsh text-to-speech voices for Windows PC, Geraint and Gwyneth. You can purchase them from Harpo online. Click here for more information.

2) Support and Training

2.1 Can you send someone to my school for training?

No, but you can access great training resources online: a complete free online training course and many help videos and guides.

3) Marketing

3.1 Do you have any images suitable for printing / putting on my website?

See Marketing for images at print-ready resolutions (typically TIFF files).

3.2 Do you have any case studies?

See Resources for published studies.

4) Sales

4.1 I'm in Jersey. Can I get ClaroRead without VAT?

Yes, according to the Jersey government. Contact our Sales team. 

4.2 How do I buy ClaroRead for Chromebook Premium as an end-user?

Option one is to buy a subscription from the Chrome Web Store. Click on the Upgrade button in Settings. At the time of writing this costs 59p per month.

Option two is to unlock the ClaroRead for Chromebook Premium features by entering a ClaroRead for PC, Mac or Cloud licence key. You can buy ClaroRead SE (one-off) or ClaroRead Cloud for Individuals (subscription) from our online Store to get the licence key. 

4.3 How much are your iOS apps?

App can be purchased through the iOS App Store. We have both free apps and paid apps. Of the paid apps, the prices (correct as of January 2018) are:

ClaroSpeak Plus: £9.99

ClaroPDF Pro: £9.99

Claro ScanPen: £9.99

ClaroCom Pro: £16.99

You can purchase an app bundle for £24.99 which contains ClaroSpeak Plus, ClaroPDF Pro and Claro ScanPen.

More information on these apps can be found on our website claro-apps.comand purchased through the App Store. You can also buy bundles of our apps at discounted rates.

4.4. Why are the Cloud services subscription only?

Our Cloud services rely on online servers that we have to run and licence, so there is an ongoing cost. Subscription fees cover the cost of the servers. We can sell traditional apps once and this doesn't cost us anything long term, except for support, which is minimal since our apps are very reliable.

5) Licensing and Licence Keys

5.1 How do I locate my ClaroRead licence key?

Please see our support article which documents how to find your licence key once your product has been activated. You can also use our Licence Key Lookup  tool which will show you what products you have and how many activations you have. 

5.2 Can I uninstall ClaroRead from a machine and use the licence key again on a new machine?

No: the initial use of a key is what counts against your limit. Contact Support to update your key so it works on your new machine.

5.3 Do you do concurrent user licensing for your site licences?

No. You could buy a multi-user key or multiple single-user keys and create USB stick versions of the software.

5.4 Can I print licence keys as bar codes or QR codes? Onto sticky labels?

We have a free tool that lets you print licence keys onto labels: Barcode Generator. You are welcome to use this. 

6) Provisioning

6.1 How do I get my software?

You may have received an email with download links: if not, there are two things you can do:

Go to our Licence Key Lookup, enter your licence key and get the right download link for your product.

Log in to ClaroRead Cloud, enter your licence key and access all the downloads available to you.

6.2 What's my Google Domain for my site licence of ClaroRead for Chromebook?

The Google Domain is the part after the @ symbol in the email address your users use to log in to their Chromebooks. If Alice logs in with, then is the Google Domain

6.3 Do you support Citrix?

Yes, for site licences, see

7) Partners

7.1 I can't log in to my ShareIt account/I've forgotten my ShareIt password

Your ShareIt account, where you can purchase our Windows and Mac software, is secure and private from us. If you have forgotten your password use their password reset on their login page (look for "Request login/information"). We cannot reset your password.

8) Contact Us

If you can’t find what you’re after or the suggestions don’t help, please feel free to contact us:


Phone (UK): 01772 978096

Phone (USA): 1-866-800-5151