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Claro provides many text-to-speech synthesised voices from Acapela, including many Swedish and Scandinavian voices (Matti, Elin, Erik, Ingmar etc.) They should be set up correctly by our latest installers, but if you are experiencing problems then you can try the suggestions below.

Note that the Acapela voices, although SAPI5-compliant, do not show up in the Speech applet in the Windows Control Panel. They only show up in Claro programs.

Claro installs all Acapela voices to a folder called Acapela Voices in the Program Files folder. For English Windows machines this will usually be C:Program FilesAcapela Voices. In this folder you will find a file called AcaTTS.dll: this is the Acapela TTS engine component. You can check its version (right-click and select Properties, then the Details tab) to find the current version of the Acapela speech system you have installed. Every voice uses the engine. Versions of AcaTTS.dll from 6.2 onwards (6.2.28036.1 and later) are required for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Version 6.2.28036.1 on some machines required the Microsoft SAPI5 runtime to be installed. Download and install SAPI5.MSI.

Acapela voices require the Universal key to be present in the SAPI5 registry section (HKLM > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Speech > PhoneConverters > Tokens > Universal) to be correctly populated. This is done by our latest installers (from version 5.1 of ClaroRead or WordRead Plus onwards) or you can download the registry entries here: Universal registry key for Acapela voices. Note that this is not installed by SAPI5.MSI.

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