Claro MagX

  • Claro MagX Android Release Notes- MagX 2 February 2019 Adds edge detection to make everything really stand out for people with vision problems Version 1.0.1, February 2016


  • MagVR Android Release Notes- Claro MagVR for Google Cardboard version 1.0.2 released January 13th 2017
  • MagVR User Guide- MagVR is an iOS and Android app that acts as an electronic magnifier: look around with your device and 3D viewer or headset (e.g. Google Cardboard) and you will see a magnified view.


  • ClaroPDF Mac, Android, Web- Version 15, January 2019 Creation of ClaroPDF Web, based on ClaroSpeak Web. Release of App versions on Mac and Android, of ClaroPDF Web. ClaroPDF can open PDF files from device. If it is an accessible PDF then the text can be read back using your choice of voice. Version 1-14 […]
  • ClaroPDF Android User Guide- ClaroPDF for Android is a simple-to-use PDF reader with high-quality speech. ClaroPDF Android can open PDF files from Local Storage, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more. ClaroPDF allows you to have text PDFs read back to you.
  • ClaroPDF Android Release Notes- ClaroPDF for Android version 1.0.6 released January 2018

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