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Long-term Roadmap

Alasdair King Alasdair, Managing Director, August 2020

We see hinged devices (laptops and desktops) as where people write and work, and flat devices (tablets, phones) for consumption and editing. That’s not to say one is “better” or “more valuable”, especially for our users: being able to sit in a comfy sofa and go through your revision notes on your iPad is a super-great use of time! But when you come to write your essay you are probably going to go sit at a Windows, Mac or Chromebook.

It follows that ClaroRead for Windows, Mac and Chromebook need all the reading, writing and study features, and our Apps – mainly ClaroPDF, ClaroSpeak and Claro ScanPen – are for out-and-about, for reading, and for annotation (your revision notes and your reading list).

The plan for the rest of 2020 (as of August) is:

  • Major engineering work on ClaroRead Windows. We’ve just updated ClaroRead 9 with some great new writing features, we have some super new study skills tools like Writing Helper, and some amazing updates to our other tools like ClaroView 3. Now while we promote and take these out to our users we’re going to do some internal work on our flagship ClaroRead product to improve its speed, reliability and security. Features are fine, performance is vital.
  • Continue to build up ClaroRead Chromebook to be a “first class citizen” with the much more mature ClaroRead Windows and Mac.
  • Focus on integrating with platform identity on Apple iOS and macOS and iPadOS – we know Apple users value seamless operation with native apps and processes, and it is very much its own ecosystem. The new Claro Keyboard is particularly interesting since it allows our technology to help in any App in iOS/iPadOS, much more like ClaroRead for Mac. And of course, ClaroRead for Mac will work on ARM!
  • Build out our successful iOS Apps onto Android. We don’t think there is much actual business on Android, but that’s where our users are, so we have a duty to support them.
  • Roll out seamless SSO and support for new ways of provisioning software. This is particularly vital for the move to Cloud we’re seeing across the industry.
  • Take Website Reader out to the new Online Learning Environments (OLEs) that are newly important in our COVID-19 world for our school and university customers.
  • Got any more suggestions? Contact me!

Disabling ClaroUp

ClaroUp is our automatic software update program. It only runs when you run a Claro program: it doesn’t run in the background, or when Windows starts up. So it’s quite unobtrusive.

It also doesn’t show itself if the current user is not an Admin on the machine, so it should not bother users on networks or locked-down machines.

However, you may want to disable it entirely. You can do this by writing a per-machine registry key: (more…)