ClaroPDF Windows Release Notes

ClaroPDF Windows Version 3 released November 2020. Lead DeveloperNathan Dewhurst Product ManagerAlasdair King Version 4 In Development. Added support for password protected PDF documents. Updated text-to-speech control to support Vocalizer voices from Claro Software. Version 3 Version 3 Released 26 November 2020. Blog Post: ClaroPDF Windows 3 Release Speech controls: Read more…

Windows 10 Support Statements

Windows 10 Support Statement ClaroRead and ScreenRuler are supported by Claro Software Ltd on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise. ClaroRead and ScreenRuler are supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including – Read more…

Licence Keys

Our software uses Licence Keys to let you activate and use it on your machines while making it easy to distribute widely. You can look up your licence key and download the correct software by using our Licence Key Lookup: Licence Key Lookup If you have activated your software and Read more…

Disabling ClaroUp

ClaroUp is our automatic software update program. It only runs when you run a Claro program: it doesn’t run in the background, or when Windows starts up. So it’s quite unobtrusive.

It also doesn’t show itself if the current user is not an Admin on the machine, so it should not bother users on networks or locked-down machines.

However, you may want to disable it entirely. You can do this by writing a per-machine registry key: (more…)