Making non-English Prediction Dictionaries

Below are steps to take to create a Russian prediction dictionary from a Russian Word document. These instructions can be used for any language.

  1. Ensure you have the latest ClaroRead Settings Editor (v2.2.0.10). If not, download from here and replace the old one in C:Program FilesClaro SoftwareClaroRead Plus V5.
  2. Change the “Language for Non-Unicode programs” setting in Regional and Language Settings in Control Panel to “Russian”.
  3. Start Advanced Settings Editor.
  4. Go to Prediction Training tab.
  5. Click Save As and give “Russian dictionary” as the new prediction dictionary name.
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Installing the Tactix Touchpad drivers

Note that the Tactic Touchpad is manufactured by Ergo – so if you received an “Ergo Touchpad” then that is correct.

On Windows 7 machines just install the software and plug in the Tactix Touchpad and everything should work smoothly.

On Windows XP and Vista machines the Tactix Touchpad drivers require a one-time manual configuration to work.

You can identify if this needs to be done very simply: plug in the Tactix Touchpad but do NOT run the Tactix program. If the Touchpad still works (as a normal touchpad) then the drivers have NOT installed and you must configure them as below.

You must be an administrator. Plug in your Tactix Touchpad first.

Configuring your Tactix Touchpad on Windows Vista

Plug in your Tactix Touchpad.

First you need to go to Device Manager.


ClaroRead V5 Feature List



  • Locks on to any window.
  • Customisable layout.
  • Button size can be changed
  • Three different skins.
  • Can be docked to the top of the screen.
  • Can be positioned manually.
  • Tray icon and Pause button allows you to show and hide the toolbar if it gets in the way.

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Fixing broken or conflicting RealSpeak Solo voices

Nuance (previously ScanSoft) SAPI5 RealSpeak Solo voices must all be installed into the same directory on your machine. If this is not followed then the voices will appear in the Speech applet in Control Panel, or in your SAPI5 voice list in your speech-enabled program, but they will not work. This guide tells you how to fix all the RealSpeak voices on your machine.

You will need full admin rights on the local machine and you have to edit the registry.

1 Place all voice files in the same directory

You have to find all the voice files on your machine and move them all to the same directory. You can find them in these ways:

  1. Do a search on your hard disk(s) for a directory called “speech” which in turn contains the directories “components” and “rssolov4”.
  2. Perform the registry entry corrections in part 2 and take note of all the paths there.
  3. Check these locations (“Program Files” may be “Program Files (x86)” on 64-bit machines):
  4. (more…)

Acapela Voices

Claro provides many text-to-speech synthesised voices from Acapela, including many Swedish and Scandinavian voices (Matti, Elin, Erik, Ingmar etc.) They should be set up correctly by our latest installers, but if you are experiencing problems then you can try the suggestions below.

Note that the Acapela voices, although SAPI5-compliant, do not show up in the Speech applet in the Windows Control Panel. They only show up in Claro programs.


USB Support

If you have lost your Claro USB stick or some files on it have become corrupted, please contact us and we’ll provide you with a solution for recovery: Email UK call +44 (0)1772 977 888 US call toll free on 866 800 5151 Changing how settings work on a Read more…